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Maritime Studies

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Partnership Programs

Brucker Hall, Room 6102
f: 845-574-4163

Hours of Operation

  • M–F: 8:30 am-4:30 pm

Launch Your Merchant Marine Career

Why consider a Merchant Marine career?

With a broad array of career options, the US Coast Guard-approved certification courses provide amazing opportunities for a wide range of skills and interests.

Training and certification are your first step. RCC has partnered with Learn America, our USCG approved training partner, to provide you with hands-on instruction taught by USCG licensed and approved instructors, blended with USCG approved online training to assist you in your certification goals.

RCC’s broad selection of approved training courses cover all the mandatory certification skills and knowledge you’ll need to pass your test and work on a vessel. With a full array of entry level courses you can get started with lots of options.

Already in a Merchant Marine? High level courses help you get certified and progress up the professional ladder.

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Check out our Maritime Studies Courses