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Fundamentals of Leadership in Manufacturing

Certified Fundamentals of Leadership for Manufacturing in 7 days through partnership with Council of Industry (the Manufacturers Association of the Hudson Valley).

Topics include:

Fundamentals of Leadership

Dates: TBA

This session takes managers and supervisors on a two day journey that begins with a discussion of the difference between leadership and management. This discussion sets the stage for a program that allows participants to identify their own leadership style and gain tools and techniques to make their individual strengths most effective. Attendees complete the DISC Classic Profile, a non-judgmental personality tool for understanding their behaviors as a leader.

Problem Solving & Decision Making

Dates: TBA

In today’s fast-paced business climate, knowing how to solve problems and make decisions efficiently and effectively is highly important. There are many ways to go about solving a problem or making a decision, participants will learn common strategies and procedures for problem solving and decision-making.

Human Resource Management Issues

Dates: TBA

This class identifies and explains key legal issues that a manager may have to address in the workplace today. It helps current and future managers realize their responsibility to understand and enforce the employment laws that speak to these issues which can minimize their chances of ending up in court.

Making a Profit in Manufacturing

Dates: TBA

Through case studies and examples, participants will learn how a manufacturer can use financial ratios and other measures of financial performance to monitor its operations, effectively reduce risk, and maximize return. Topics of discussion will include understanding basic financial statements such as the balance sheet and income statement.

Best Practices & Continuous Improvement

Dates: TBA

In this workshop you will learn the concepts of continuous improvement and the methods used to identify and prioritize problem areas. You will use some of the basic tools used to benchmark, develop and implement quality and productivity improvements.

Positive Motivation & Discipline

Dates: TBA

This class helps you understand your role and the impact you have on your most difficult employee, the art of positive feedback, rewards and recognition, techniques and counseling and general performance improvement techniques.


For more information please call Partnership Programs at 845-574-4518.