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Employment Law for Human Resource Professionals

Human Resource Seminar Co-Sponsered with SHRM


Executive, Management, Supervisory, & Human Resource Personnel - Register now!


Employment Law For Human Resource Professionals: Navigating the Intersecting Laws That Apply When Your Workers Are Ill, Injured, or Pregnant

This employment law seminar is offered in in partnership with the law firm of Greenwald Doherty. When you have an ill, injured, pregnant and/or disabled employee who cannot work – or one who can with accommodations, HR managers need to navigate multiple state and federal laws to comply with overlapping obligations. These can be complicated. Those responsible for managing the company’s HR functions need to ensure the company is legally protected and know what they can legally do and what they are required to do under the various laws. This intensive and interactive program will help demystify and untangle the intricate processes you need to follow to comply with these intersecting laws.


For more information please contact Partnership Programs at 845-574-4518