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NYS Impaired Driver Program at Rockland Community College

NYS Impaired Driver Program at Rockland Community College


Rockland Community College has been providing the NYS Drinking Driver Program since 1977.

You have probably heard that driving while impaired or intoxicated is a serious traffic safety problem in the United States. In NYS, more than 20 percent of all highway deaths involve the use of alcohol/other drugs. But, the facts and statistics do not tell the whole story... behind the numbers are thousands of lives cut short, permanent or disabling injuries, and families devastated because someone drove while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Not every impaired or intoxicated driver causes a traffic crash, but each one is dangerous, risking his or her life and the lives of those sharing the road.

Call RCCIDP at 845-574-4421 or email for the latest class schedule information and be sure to contact your local DMV Office to find out if you are eligible for RCC IDP.

(Source: New York State DMV Driver's Manual, Chapter 9)