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Anti - Fraud Workshop

Anti - Fraud Workshop


Continuing Education at RCC offers this evening 4-session state-of-the-art workshop in the prevention and detection of fraud.

Fraud refers to a variety of illegal offenses broadly defined as the intentional deception of a person or entity by another, with the deception made for monetary or personal gain. Progressive organizations work pro-actively to develop anti – fraud programs.

Session 1: History of fraud through the ages
Learn the fascinating story of the history of scams. Fraud has been occurring from ancient roman times. Learn how Ponzi schemes got their name in the 1920’s and on to modern fraudsters like Madoff and Sanford. Preventive measures and case studies are included. Valuable and useful information for history buffs, consumers, professionals, trainers and teachers of history and finance.

Session 2: Consumer fraud
Day-to-day living and how to protect yourself from all types of fraud including identity theft, scams, computer malware and more. Useful information for all consumers, businesses, seniors, and for anyone interested in protecting themselves. Includes case studies and steps to take if you have been targeted or if you become a victim.

Session 3: Financial and business fraud
Focusing on business and financial frauds, participants will learn the profile of a fraudster, along with statistics, different types of external and internal frauds, red flags, case studies and preventive measures. Government laws (SOX) will also be discussed as well as some Investigative guidelines (SAS 99). This session is most valuable for businesses, professionals, HR, bookkeepers, teachers of finance, office managers, bankers and not-for-profits.

Session 4: Cyber, malware, and ATM terrorism
Learn all about phishing, pharming, vishing, spear phishing, and shoulder surfing. This session provides useful information for businesses, consumers, not-for-profits, and the general population.

DATES: Tuesday and Thursday, May 3, 5, 10, 12

TIME: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

FEE: $199


INSTRUCTOR: Hilton I. Kaufman MBA, JD, co-author of the Anti-Fraud Risk and Control workbook. Lecturer at NYU and several other universities, fraud detection trainer, and train the trainer for Fortune 500 companies. Association of Fraud Examiners (ACE), International Association of Accounts Payable (IAPP) INT., Passaic County Sheriffs CERT Team, Rockland County Sheriffs Reserve Force. Chair and CEO of E.L. Smith International and Managing Partner of MDI. Co-Developer of FraudAware®, the first web-based fraud awareness training course for large organizations.

Register or CALL 845-574-4151