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PASS Program

Pathways to Academic Support & Success (PASS)


PASS is a program of Academic Intervention that provides support services for students whose GPA falls below 2.0 and who are placed on academic warning and/or probation. The goal is to help students return to good academic standing by helping them identify what is holding them back, making them aware of the support services available and taking steps in the right direction to change their situation.


If you find yourself in academic jeopardy, here are some tools and support services that can help:

  1. Complete online self-assessment to help you identify strengths and weaknesses. One of our staff members will follow up with you to review.
  3. If you have a documented disability, contact Accessibility Services at 845-574-4541 or at
  4. Ask your professors for feedback by completing the My Academic Reality Check (MARC) Progress Report. Faculty members are happy to help students and can frequently suggest ideas/advice to help you succeed.
  5. Attend workshops that will help you focus on academic success, learn key academic skills and connect with campus resources.
  6. Receive tutoring at our Academic Success Center (ASC). Tutoring is available online or in-person. You can set up appointment online, or you can contact them at 845-574-4503 or visit the center in the Technology Building, Room 8340.
  7. Set up an appointment with one of our counselors in the Student Development Center. You can call the center at 845-574-4306 or visit us in the Technology Building, Room 8220.

** If you have been placed on ACADEMIC PROBATION, some of these tools and support services are MANDATORY. We will contact you via US mail and email. A hold will be placed on your account which will prevent you from future registration and all other college transactions until this requirement is met. **