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Workshop and Classroom Presentation Descriptions

Resume & Cover Letter Writing
Learn how to create an effective resume and the strategies for writing a successful cover letter. Find out about the best resume format to use in order to highlight your experiences and goals. Learn what businesses look for and how to include important employment objectives. Discover solutions for perceived limitations in your work history or education.

Interviewing Techniques
An interview is a stressful experience for most people. This workshop will focus on helping students successfully navigate a job interview, highlight the most commonly asked interview questions, provide preparation tips, and address appropriate interview attire.

Mock Interviews
The mock interview workshop helps students practice and perfect their interviewing skills in a friendly supportive atmosphere. The mock job interviews are recorded on video so students can see themselves in action and receive valuable feedback and coaching. Participants gain skills and confidence and become better prepared for “real” employment interviews.

Choosing a Career
This workshop is designed to assist students with making choices that are compatible with their skills, interests, values, and personality types. Students will be provided career assessment tools, participate in career exploration activities, and develop plans towards their career choices.

Job Search Strategies
Come and learn which tools will best assist you in finding the right job opportunity. Review the four key components to an effective job search: Assessment, Research, Networking and Implementation.

This workshop will introduce you to the No. 1 professional networking website. Learn how this site can assist with building professional relationships and finding the right employment opportunities. Basic and more advanced workshops available.

Social Media & Your Job Search
Learn how to use popular social media websites in your job search. This workshop will include strategies for using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to find employment and networking opportunities. Students will discuss how to use these sites and the importance of creating and maintaining a professional profile.

Negotiating a Salary
The negotiation process requires gathering information about yourself, your target industry and the company you are interested in. Learn the tools you will need to help you navigate this process effectively.

New Student Worker Orientation
All students working on campus for the first time are required to attend one of the New Student Worker Orientations. During this orientation we will review RCC's student worker policies and procedures. Students will also learn about the payment options available to them.

The Job Readiness Forum
A workshop where students hear top business professionals discuss employee hiring, participate in workshops, and meet with Rockland County agencies serving job seekers.

The Internship Experience
Students learn about some of the benefits of participating in an internship and are provided with a comprehensive overview of the steps involved. Internships offer practical, hands-on experience in a professional setting while earning college credit. Student Career Services partners with hundreds of local and regional businesses, to provide outstanding building blocks towards career development.

Student Career Services: An Overview
Student Career Services provides students with personal assistance in determining their career choices, acquiring valuable, credit-bearing internships, and locating beneficial job opportunities, both off and on campus. This workshop explores all of the services available at Student Career Services, including one-on-one career counseling, career-related workshops, internship services, and job placement opportunities.

JobNet is RCC’s online employment resource, designed to allow employers, students and alumni to interact directly with one another in the job search. This workshop will show students how they can directly connect with employers, browse job postings, upload resumes, set favorites, and apply on line from anywhere.

Sigi-3 is an online interactive guide that allows students to do their own self-assessment while obtaining in-depth and up-to-date career information. Students are provided with a hands-on overview of this system, focusing on its flexible, easy-to-use career and self-assessment tools and allowing them the opportunity to examine their work-related values, interests, personality and skills. SIGI-3 also provides exciting tools to explore occupational information, majors, recommended course lists, videos, job comparisons and internet links. Computer access is required for this workshop.

From Combat to Careers - Career workshops for student veterans
Offering employment services to connect veterans to promising employment, RCC's career specialists and counselors are here to assist our veterans. Topics include choosing a career path, organizing and writing resumes, identifying transferable skills, translating military terminology to civilian terminology, developing interviewing skills, and exploring promising employment opportunities.

Pathways to Career Success - Career Workshops for students with disabilities
The Pathways to Career Success program offers pre-employment services for students with disabilities in a workshop series. Topics include resume writing, interviewing skills, job search strategies, and professional networking with social media. Resources for students with disabilities are provided in the workshops.
  • Classroom Presentation Request - Please complete this request if you would like Student Career Services to present any of the above workshops in your classroom or club meeting.