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Advisement FAQs

Frequently asked questions covering advisement and registration, adding and dropping classes, graduation and degree requirements, and career and transfer questions.
Show or Hide answer Is advisement required? Do I have to see an advisor before I register?

At RCC, all students wishing to register full-time (12 or more credits) MUST meet with an academic advisor and get clearance each semester before registering for classes.

Part-time students (11 credits or less) are strongly encouraged to seek advisement but are not required to do so.

Show or Hide answer Who is my assigned advisor?

To find contact information for your assigned advisor, please follow the steps below:

  • Log in to WebAdvisor, and click on "MY PROFILE." Your assigned advisor's name and contact information will appear.


  • Stop by the Records or Student Success (Tech Center, Suite 8220) to find out.
Show or Hide answer When can I get advised and register for next semester?

Academic Advisement begins in November for the Spring semester and in April for the Fall semester. All currently enrolled students will receive a notification each semester with instructions on where to seek academic advisement and when to begin registration.

Show or Hide answer How can I prepare for advisement?

Before meeting with your advisor, be sure to review your degree requirements, review the Academic Advisement Syllabus, develop a tentative schedule, and prepare a list of questions or concerns. For more information, please see Prepare for your Advisement Session.

Show or Hide answer Am I eligible to register online?

Most currently registered students are eligible to register online for the upcoming semester. Exceptions include students who are taking ESL courses and students on Academic Probation. Also, if you are not currently registered, you must register in person.

To find out if you are eligible to register online log on to WebAdvisor and click "Am I Ready to Register."

Show or Hide answer How do I register online using WebAdvisor?

How to register using WebAdvisor Instructions

How to register using WebAdvisor (How-to Videos)

Show or Hide answer I need to add or drop a class (or classes). How and where can I do this?

Students wishing to withdraw from a class (or classes) MUST submit a completed DROP/ADD form to the Records Office. The forms are available in the Academic Advisement Center or the Records Office. Eligible students can also add or drop courses online using WebAdvisor.  Check the current Schedule of Classes for current withdrawal deadlines.

Show or Hide answer If I withdraw from a class (or classes) am I entitled to a refund?

Refunds are granted on a sliding scale based on the date of withdrawal. For the refund policy and schedule, please see Refund Policy. For information on Tuition Refund Appeals and Retroactive withdrawal requests, please see Tuition Refund Appeals and Retroactive Withdrawal Requests.

Show or Hide answer I would like to take more than 18 credits this semester. Can I do so?

Students may take more than 18 credits per semester with the permission of a counselor in Student Success (2nd Floor, Tech Center, Suite 8220)

Show or Hide answer How can I find out what I need to graduate?

Students can access their Program Evaluation on WebAdvisor which will help them determine what courses are required to graduate.  Students can also run "What If?" scenarios to see how their courses would fit into another major. For detailed instructions, please see How to Access your Program Evaluation & Transcript using WebAdvisor.

Due to limitations of the Program Evaluation, students should meet with their advisor to determine what courses are needed for graduation. Students can meet with an advisor in Student Success during published walk-in hours (or by appointment) and review your degree requirements.

Show or Hide answer I want to change my curriculum (area of study). How can I do this?

Students wishing to change their major must fill out a Curriculum Change Request and submit it to Records & Registration. The forms are available in the Student Success or Records & Registration.

Show or Hide answer I am not satisfied with my placement scores and would like to re-take the placement exam. What do I need to do?

Students who would like to re-take the placement test must complete the online request form. Contact Placement and Assessment at 845-574-4525 for more information.

Show or Hide answer What happens when I repeat a course?

When a student repeats a course, only the higher grade is used to calculate the cumulative grade point average (GPA). If the same grade is earned both times, it is counted only once in the student’s average. Although only the higher grade is used to calculate the cumulative GPA, both grades appear on the official transcript.

Show or Hide answer Can I earn more than one degree from RCC?

Yes, but there are certain restrictions. Please see our Dual Degree Policy for details.

Show or Hide answer I have graduated from RCC and would like to take additional courses prior to transfer. May I do so?

Yes you may; however, there are a few things you need to be aware of:

  • First, students should be sure to check with their transfer institution to verify that the courses for which they plan to register are acceptable.
  • Second, if you are planning on receiving financial aid, you MUST have a declared curriculum that is allowed as per our Dual Degree Policy and be taking only courses that are required for that curriculum. Otherwise, you WILL NOT be eligible for financial aid.
Show or Hide answer I don't know what career I want to pursue. Who can help me?

Student Success can help you decide. Schedule an appointment with your assigned advisor discuss your options and get access to career planning resources.

Show or Hide answer I need help deciding what college or university to transfer to. Who can help me?

Student Success has services available for students planning to transfer after attending RCC. You can make an individual appointment with your advisor or attend a transfer event. Check out the Transfer Services web page for more information.

Show or Hide answer What are the SUNY General Education Requirements?

Students wishing to transfer to a four-year SUNY college or university should familiarize themselves with the SUNY General Education Requirements.

Show or Hide answer Will my credits transfer?

For information please see our "Will my credits transfer?" page.

Show or Hide answer Have a question that is not answered here?

Send an email to Student Success at