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Contact Information

Student Development

Technology Center, Suite 8220
f: 845-574-4536

Hours of Operation

Fall and Spring
  • M & Th: 8 am - 7 pm
  • T, W & F: 8 am - 5 pm

From academic help to campus safety, Student Services is here for you

There’s always someone to help you here at RCC. We offer a variety of student services designed to make your time here more efficient, more fun, and more productive.

From academic advice to career guidance, financial aid to crisis intervention, Student Development can help you find your way or forge a new path.

Accessibility Services

A central resource for students, faculty, staff and community services to provide education, consultation and guidance regarding disability issues. Working collaboratively with the College community to facilitate equal access to all  educational programs, services and facilities for our students with disabilities.


Help with transfers and transcripts, form filling, and course approvals.

Campus Bookstore

The place to go to purchase your textbooks and supplies. Operated by Follett Higher Education Group.


Assistance in understanding and implementing the critically important academic and career decision-making processes.

The Connection Center

Confidential assistance for students and their families. Connect with community resources and stay enrolled even if family, health or financial issues arise.


Confidential, short-term assistance for students facing personal problems, feeling emotionally distressed, or experiencing a crisis situation.

Food Cupboard

Nobody should go hungry. Free non-perishable grocery items for enrolled students in need.


A service for students seeking off campus housing.

International Students Services

Assistance for international students attending RCC.


Assistance for students who need to restore their academic standing.

Judicial Affairs

Balancing the interests of the individual student and the community at large as well as protecting the integrity of the College.

Multicultural & First-Generation

Promoting success for multicultural and first generation college students.


Get help transferring smoothly to a four-year college of your choice.

TRiO Scholars

Supportive community of scholars receiving assistance to achieve maximum academic success towards graduation and beyond.


Our Academic Support Center provides academic assistance completely free of charge.


Our veterans counselors will help identify federal and/or New York State educational benefits for which you may qualify.