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SOAR Frequently Asked Questions

Show or Hide answer 1. What is SOAR?

SOAR is RCC’S New Student Orientation Advisement & Registration model. All new and returning students are required to attend on their assigned SOAR date.

At SOAR you will:

  • Receive important information regarding RCC’s policies
  • Meet with an academic advisor
  • Select classes & register
  • Receive your RCC student ID
Show or Hide answer 2. When will I get my assigned SOAR date?

Your assigned date will be mailed to your home address. Please read all mail received from Rockland Community College. Additional information may be emailed to your RCC email address. Be sure you activate your account!

Show or Hide answer 3. How should I prepare for SOAR?

To be prepared for SOAR you must:

It is extremely important to have the 3 items listed above completed 2 weeks before your assigned SOAR date.

Show or Hide answer 4. What should I know about the day I attend SOAR?
  • Space is limited, only assigned students may attend.
  • Bring photo identification (acceptable ID: driver’s permit, driver’s license, high school or college ID, passport, military ID or any government issued ID).
  • Arrive on time. Orientation starts on time and late comers may have to be rescheduled.
  • SOAR will take approximately 4 hours, be prepared to stay.
  • Students are encouraged to wear comfortable and appropriate clothing.
Show or Hide answer 5. Rockland Community College requested my immunizations record, can I bring them with me to SOAR?

Yes, you may bring a copy of your immunizations with you and hand them in during check in. Please make sure it is a copy that we may keep and that your assigned RCC student ID number is written on the copy.

Show or Hide answer 6. I took college level course(s) while I was in high school, can I receive credits for these classes?

Credits from an outside source will be considered when Rockland Community College receives the official transcript. For additional information please see the Incoming Transfer Students page.

Show or Hide answer 7. When should I check in?

Check in doors will open at the time designated in your acceptance letter. Please be on time.

Show or Hide answer 8. Where should I go to check in?

Student Union, Room 3214

Show or Hide answer 9. Who can attend SOAR?

SOAR is designed for the student who will attend Rockland Community College for the upcoming term. Only the assigned student should attend.

Show or Hide answer 10. My parents have questions, can they come with me?

RCC will offer an information session for parents, guardians and caregivers on another day and time. For additional information please visit the Parent Orientation page.

Show or Hide answer 11. I have an IEP, am I entitled to accommodations?

For accommodations, students must self-identify with Rockland Community College’s Accessibility Services. For additional information please visit Accessibility Services.

Show or Hide answer 12. Where can I find additional information on financial aid, student loans?

For more information visit Financial Aid.

Show or Hide answer 13. Can I apply for financial aid or student loans during SOAR?

Yes, you may also apply any time during published hours.

Show or Hide answer 14. Does Rockland Community College offer scholarships to new students?

Yes, RCC offers scholarships to new students. For more information please visit Scholarships.

Show or Hide answer 15. I cannot attend my assigned date and time, what should I do?

We encourage you to attend your assigned date, however we know emergencies may come up. If that is the case, please email with your first and last name, student ID, contact number and request for a new date and time.

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