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RCC-TV Video Festival

10th Annual RCC-TV Video Festival

May 13, 2017
7 pm
Cultural Arts Theater

The RCC-TV Video Festival is an annual video competition held in the Cultural Arts Theater. Awards are presented in each category and there is also a grand prize winner. All entries must be received by the Multi-Media Production Center by April 14, 2017. Late entries will not be accepted!


  • You must be an RCC student, RCC alumnus or a high school student to compete.
  • No plagiarism.
  • Keep it clean – No profanity, vulgarity and/or pornography.
  • No gratuitous violence – No violence for violence’s sake. Any violence in a production must be an integral part of the story.
  • OriginalityDo not submit a re-edited version of a commercial video that you did not shoot. Generally, your video should be your work.
  • Deadline: All entries must be received by the Multi-Media Production Center by April 14, 2017. Late entries will not be accepted!
  • Entries - Entries can be submitted via CD, DVD, flash drive or .mov file. By request, entries will be returned after the festival.
  • Miscellaneous - One winner per category. You must keep within the time length. Entries exceeding the time limitations will be disqualified.






PSA (Public Service Announcement)

30 or 60 secs.

This category focuses on non-commercial public welfare issues such as: anti-smoking, anti-drugs or alcohol use, volunteerism, civic beautification, etc. Generally, it includes any topic that is widely viewed as improving social welfare.


30 or 60 secs.

Create a commercial on a product – real or fictitious

Short Film

Up to 12 mins

A short film must tell a story. Think beginning, middle and end. Length is measured from the first of the title to the end of the credits.


Up to 5 mins

This is a broad category for entering what you think is funny. This can be school-related or otherwise.

Movie Trailer

Up to 3 mins

Create a movie trailer of your short film or create your own!

Music Video

Up to 6 mins

Any appropriate song may be used. See rules of appropriateness.


Up to 10 mins

A movie or television program that provides a factual record or report.


Up to 5 mins

A chance to promote anything!

*Time lengths are "up to" – they can be shorter but not longer than the
indicated times. Entries exceeding the time limitations will be disqualified.

Download and Return form to submit your video(s):

10th Annual RCC-TV Video Festival Submission Form

The annual video festival is funded by RCC-TV, the RCC Alumni Association, the RCC Student Government Association and the RCC Hospitality Program.

For further information, contact the:

Multi-Media Production Center
Technology Center, Room 8330


RCC-TV Video Festival on Vimeo

RCC-TV Video Festival on Facebook

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