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Success Stories

At RCC, our graduates make us proud

RCC grads enter every field of industry, go on to great things, and some even make history:

Captain Charles L. StuppardInternational Student Makes U.S. Military History

Charles L. Stuppard '80, PhD, Captain, US Navy, currently serves as a Military Professor at the prestigious Naval War College, considered to be the "Home of Thought" for the US Navy.

Prior to that assignment, Dr. Stuppard was the senior US Naval officer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where he trained, mentored, and advised the Saudi leadership in naval matters, and was responsible for a 20-billion dollar budget.

Captain Stuppard made United States Military history 2010-2013 as the only Naval Officer in command of both a Navy and an Army base. He had the unique challenge of merging the cultures of two branches of the US Armed Forces--a completely new concept.

This former Design Engineer in Weapon Systems was not always a U.S. citizen. He was born in Haiti and educated in Catholic school, and immigrated to the United States when he was 19. RCC was his first public education. “It was like drinking from a fire hydrant. I loved every minute of it.” Fluent in French and Creole, Stuppard earned As in all of his classes, but initially needed to play catch-up in English.

Transferring to Cornell University was always his goal. “My Physics professor, Mr. Ziegler, steered me towards Engineering. After taking Statics and Dynamics at RCC, I was well prepared to study engineering at Cornell. My sociology professor, Dr. Pollinger, started each class with, ‘Read the New York Times!’ Now I realize how important it is to know what’s going on in the world. The impact of educators on the lives of students lasts a lifetime.”

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Success Stories
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