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Tuition and Fees


Payment for Spring 2019 is due in January 10 2019

Full Time Annually

Full Time Semester

Part Time Per Credit

Rockland County Resident

$ 4,746.00

$ 2,373.00

$ 199.00

NYS Resident
Out of County with Certificate

$ 4,746.00

$ 2,373.00

$ 199.00

NYS Resident - Out of County w/o Certificate

$ 9,492.00

$ 4,746.00

$ 398.00

Out of State Resident/F1 Visa ++

$ 9,492.00

$ 4,746.00

$ 398.00

*Tuition and Fees are subject to change*

++Fall & Spring semesters only:

Out of State Residence and F1 Visa students will be charged an additional $10 per credit up to $150.00 per semester.

SUNY Net Price Cost Calculator

Other Fees

Other fees are for student activities, services, or program related.

Student Activities Fee

Student Type


Full Time

$ 74.00

Part Time

$ 4.50 per credit hour (Min $9.00)


Program Related Fees
Fee Amount

Computer Fee

$ 25.00/Course

Food Services Supplies


Laboratory Fee

$ 25.00/Course

Malpractice Insurance


Photography Lab/Art

$ 25.00/Course

Telecourse & Distance Learning

$ 20.00/Course

Tutorial Fee

$ 25.00/Course

Learning Contract (audited courses)

$ 25.00/Course

Applied Music Fee (MUS 261)

$ 450.00/Course

Applied Music Fee (MUS 262)

$ 750.00/Course


Student Services Fees
Fee Amount

Credit for Experience (Prior Learning)

40% of credit cost*

Readmission Fee

$ 5.00*

Technology Fee

$ 12.00 per credit

Application Fee


Identification Card Replacement Fee **

$ 5.00*

Drop Fee

$ 5.00*

Deferred Payment Fee

$ 30.00*

Deferred Payment Late Fee

$ 15.00

Dishonored Check Fee

$ 30.00*

Transcript Fee

$ 5.00* each

Document Fee

$ 5.00* each

Graduation Fee

$ 30.00*

Bus Pass (TOR) (1 Pass per Semester)

$ 60.00/semester*

* Non-Refundable

+ Required of full-time students; optional for part-time students

  • Students are responsible for collection agency costs.
  • New students are issued a photo identification card at no charge.
  • Returning students must have their photo identification cards validated for the current semester at no charge.
  • Students must present proof of registration to obtain a new photo ID card or validate an existing photo ID card.
  • Replacement photo ID cards are obtained for a $5.00 fee, payable at the Bursar's office, unless the replacement is required due to a name change, in which case the fee is waived. Proof of payment of the replacement fee must be shown before a replacement photo ID card is issued.

Tax Benefits for Education - Publication 970

Note: A 1098-T form is mailed in January to all students with a valid Social Security Number on file.

*Tuition and Fees are subject to change

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