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Bookstore Credit FAQs

Please be advised that Financial Aid will deliver to Follett's Bookstore a listing of students who are eligible to charge books against their expected financial aid for the Spring 2020 semester. Students on the Bookstore Credit Listing may charge textbooks and supplies beginning Wednesday, January 8, 2020. Please note, the last day to charge books for the Spring 2020 semester is Monday, February 24, 2020.
Show or Hide answer 1. How do I know if I'm on the Bookstore Credit List?

If you have received an RCC Financial Aid Award Letter and your estimated financial aid for the Spring semester is greater than your Spring tuition and fees, then you are eligible to use your excess financial aid, up to $500, at the campus bookstore. The Bookstore Credit Listing is updated routinely. Financial Aid will send an email to your RCC email notifying you that you are eligible to charge. After January 8, 2020 if you have any questions, you can call Financial Aid at 845-574-4282.

Show or Hide answer 2. What financial aid is considered to determine if I have an excess that I can use at the bookstore?

All awarded Spring 2020 financial aid funds (e.g. Pell, SEOG, TAP, Excelsior Scholarship, APTS, Direct Loans, Chapter 33 VA Benefits and RCC Foundation Scholarships) are used to determine your bookstore credit amount.

Show or Hide answer 3. How does the charging process work?

You must show your RCC ID, notify the Bookstore you are charging against your financial aid, and then choose your textbooks and supplies. Follett's stores the maximum amount you can charge in their computer system so you can return multiple times and use your full credit amount - - up to your limit - - indicated on the Bookstore Credit Listing. In late February, all your Bookstore charges will get applied to your student account.

Show or Hide answer 4. What items can I charge at the Bookstore?

The ability to charge against your financial aid is like an advance disbursement of your federal financial aid. Therefore, it must be used for educationally-related expenses. You can charge required textbooks, supplies and other educationally-related items that you need for your program of study. If you are interested in charging an electronic device, like a laptop or tablet, you must see Financial Aid for authorization to do so.

Show or Hide answer 5. What if my required textbooks are more than the $500 maximum?

You will need to visit Financial Aid, Room 8141, in the Technology Center. If your Fall financial aid will cover additional charges, Financial Aid will notify the Bookstore of your new credit limit. The maximum bookstore credit advance is $1,000. Please be prepared to provide our office with the costs of the additionally required textbooks and/or supplies.

Show or Hide answer 6. Does my bookstore credit get updated if I change enrollment (i.e., drop or add classes)?

No, your eligibility to charge books is based upon a snapshot of your enrollment status and projected financial aid as of the date you are added to Bookstore Credit List. If you drop or add classes after that date, your financial aid eligibility may increase or decrease. Once your initial credit limit is transmitted to the Bookstore, it is not updated for changes in your enrollment status or financial aid awards. Any charges made at the Bookstore are your responsibility even if you become ineligible for all or part of your financial aid awards.

Show or Hide answer 7. What if I don't want to charge books, or if I use less than the amount of the Bookstore Credit Listing?

If you do not charge or use less than the credit limit on the Bookstore Credit Listing, you will be eligible for the financial aid excess after all awards have been approved and paid to your student account. The approval and payment process typically occurs at or after mid-term of the semester. Student Accounts issues checks for all financial aid excesses and mails them to students within 14 days of the date the aid was posted to your student account.

Show or Hide answer 8. Where is Follett's Bookstore on the RCC campus?

Follett's Bookstore is in the bottom floor of the Library, Building 4 on the campus map. Use the rear entrance of the Library (by the parking lots adjacent to the Veterans Cemetery).