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I attend another college/university; however, I have been given permission to take a course with Rockland Community College, what do I need to do to take the course?

Rockland Community College welcomes visiting students. As a visiting student, here are several steps you may need to take in order to enroll in the college and complete your course(s) successfully:

  • Complete a student data sheet or Enrollment application to have a student account in RCC’s database.
  • Provide your picture ID.
  • Complete RCC’s registration form indicating the course(s) that you wish to enroll in.
  • If the course you wish to take has prerequisites at RCC, you will need to prove that you met the prerequisites by providing a transcript from your home college/university reflecting final grades.
  • If you are enrolling in more than 6 or more credits, your immunizations will be required
  • Once enrolled you should activate your student portal and attend any orientations or information sessions that will provide information regarding the traditional, online, hybrid or distant learning course.