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SPE 101
Fundamentals of Speech
SPE 101 H
Fundamentals of Speech Honors
SPE 103
Experience in Speech Communication for International Students
SPE 104
Voice and Diction for International Students
SPE 106
SPE 109
Interpersonal / Intercultural Communication
SPE 110
Interpersonal Communication
SPE 111
SPE 112
SPE 201
Small Group Communication
SPE 203
Power, Persuasion and Propaganda
SPE 205
Performance Reading
SPE 206
Voice and Diction for Professional Development
SPE 210
Introduction to Speech and Language Therapy
SPE 211
Introduction to Speech and Language Development
SPE 212
Speech for the Classroom Teacher
SPE 216
Free Speech: Theories and Controversies
SPE 223
Diversity in American Speech and Language (cross-listed with PDA 223)
SPE 250
Introduction to Public Relations (cross-listed with MKT 250)
SPE 271
Intercultural Conversation: Training and Practicum
SPE 273
Speech/Debate Practicum
SPE 890
Conversation Module
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