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Performing Arts

PER 110
Introduction to Performing Arts
PER 112
Beginning Modern Dance I
PER 113
Modern Dance II
PER 118
Ballet I
PER 119
Ballet II
PER 123
Jazz Technique I
PER 124
Jazz Technique II
PER 127
Dance Improvisation
PER 143
Stage Makeup
PER 144
Fundamentals of Stage Lighting
PER 147
Scene Study I
PER 148
Scene Study II
PER 150
Improvisation I
PER 152
Improvisation II
PER 153
Acting for Television
PER 155
Television Commercial Acting I
PER 156
Physical Acting for the Stage
PER 161
Shakespeare on Stage
PER 201
Acting I
PER 202
Acting II
PER 203
Playwriting I (cross-listed with ENG 287)
PER 204
Playwriting II
PER 211
Singing for Musical Theater
PER 225
Stand-Up Comedy
PER 255
Theatre & The Perf. Arts – London
PER 271
Production Practicum and Contract Learning
PER 272
Production Practicum and Contract Learning
PER 273
Production Practicum and Contract Learning
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