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HIS 100
History of Minorities, USA
HIS 101
Western Civilization I
HIS 102
Western Civilization II
HIS 104
Mystery in History
HIS 113
World History Telecourse II
HIS 115
Pluralism and Diversity in American Religions (cross-listed with RLS 115)
HIS 116
Civil Rights Movements in America 1945-1975
HIS 130
Coming to America (cross-listed with GEO 130)
HIS 142
Communities and Conservation (cross-listed with POL 142)
HIS 150
The History of Law, Culture and Society in the West
HIS 201
American History I
HIS 202
American History II
HIS 203
Modern European History
HIS 207
African American History
HIS 213
Psychohistory I: Sex, Childhood and Personality in Western Society
HIS 214
Psychohistory II: Hitler, Nazism and the Holocaust
HIS 219
Vietnam: Historical Study
HIS 227
Legacies of Women in America (cross-listed with SOC 227)
HIS 233
The Italian Renaissance (cross-listed with ENG 233)
HIS 248
History of the Holocaust
HIS 255
Monuments of English History
HIS 257
Monuments of French History
HIS 260 H
Honors Seminar in History
HIS 273
History Internship/Practicum
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