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ENG 080
Communication Skills
ENG 090
Communication Skills
ENG 095
Effective Writing
ENG 096
Efficient Reading
ENG 099
Elements of Critical Writing and Reading
ENG 101
English Composition I
ENG 102
English Composition II
ENG 201
World Literature I
ENG 202
World Literature II
ENG 203
American Literary Tradition I
ENG 204
American Literary Tradition II
ENG 205
Themes in British Literature I
ENG 206
Themes in British Literature II
ENG 207
Studies in the Short Story
ENG 208
American Values in Literature
ENG 210
Business Communications
ENG 211
Modern Latin American Literature
ENG 212
ENG 214
Modern Drama
ENG 215
Introduction to Modern Poetry
ENG 216
Special Studies in Literature
ENG 217
Introduction to Journalism
ENG 218
ENG 218 H
Honors News Writing and Editing
ENG 219
Classic American Film Genres: Gangster, Western, Science Fiction, Musical, War
ENG 220 H
Honors Literature Seminar: Lit of Africa, Latin America & the Caribbean
ENG 221
Asian American Experience: China & Japan
ENG 222
Psychology of Literature
ENG 223
Films of Great Directors
ENG 224
Modern Fiction
ENG 225
Latino/a Culture and Literature (cross-listed with SOC 225)
ENG 226
Gender Roles in Literature
ENG 227
Science Fiction
ENG 228
Life Cycle through Literature
ENG 229
Studies in the Novel
ENG 230
Myth and Symbol
ENG 231
African-American Literature I
ENG 232
Children's Literature
ENG 233
The Italian Renaissance (cross-listed with HIS 233)
ENG 238
Creative Writing Workshops I-IV
ENG 239
Creative Writing Workshops I-IV
ENG 240
Creative Writing Workshops I-IV
ENG 241
African American Literature II
ENG 243
ENG 244
Rebels and Romantics: Art and Literature of the 19th Century (cross-Listed with ART 244)
ENG 250
Themes in Irish Literature
ENG 252
Literature of the Holocaust
ENG 253
Creative Writing Workshops I-IV
ENG 255
Literary England
ENG 256
Literature from the Bible
ENG 260
Commonwealth Literature
ENG 261
Poetry Writing Workshops I - IV
ENG 262
Poetry Writing Workshops I - IV
ENG 263
Poetry Writing Workshops I - IV
ENG 264
Poetry Writing Workshops I - IV
ENG 266
Gender Roles in Literature
ENG 269
Drama in Britain
ENG 273
Writing Practicum and Internships
ENG 281
Crime and Punishment in Literature
ENG 283
Literature and Film
ENG 284
On Poets and Poetry
ENG 286
Families in Five Cultures (cross-listed with ANR 286)
ENG 287
Playwriting I (cross-listed with PER 203)
ENG 288
Detective/Mystery Fiction
ENG 290
Nobel Prize Literature
ENG 297
Writers of the Lake District and Yorkshire
ENG 298
Cambridge Honors Seminar in Literature
ENG 890
Writing Reinforcement Module
ENG 891
Grammar & Vocabulary in Context
ENG 910
Theories and Practice of Researching
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