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Criminal Justice

CRJ 101
Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRJ 102
Introduction to Policing
CRJ 103
Juvenile Justice System
CRJ 104
Intro to Corrections
CRJ 110
Fundamentals of Administration
CRJ 111
Police Organization and Management
CRJ 120
Introduction to Corrections
CRJ 130
Introduction to Security
CRJ 201
Criminal Law
CRJ 202
History of Policing
CRJ 203
Criminal Investigation
CRJ 205
Constitutional Law and Criminal Procedure
CRJ 206
Justice, Crime and Ethics
CRJ 207
Introduction to Criminalistics
CRJ 208
Special Topics in Criminal Justice
CRJ 209
Terrorism and Homeland Security
CRJ 210
International Criminal Justice Systems
CRJ 217
Principles of Probation and Parole
CRJ 220
Criminal Justice Field Experience
CRJ 222
Organized Crime in America
CRJ 225
Women and the Criminal Justice System
CRJ 226
Multicultural Law Enforcement (cross-listed with PDA 226)
CRJ 227
Community Policing and Problem Solving
CRJ 228
Public Policy, Crime and Criminal Justice
CRJ 230
Security Management
CRJ 255
Criminal Justice Seminar
CRJ 256
International Criminal Justice: A Comparative Approach
CRJ 257
Professional Studies in Criminal Justice
CRJ 273
Security Practicum I
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