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ART 100
Exploring Art
ART 101
Art Appreciation
ART 102
Figure Drawing I
ART 103
Figure Drawing II
ART 104
Figure Drawing III
ART 106
Painting I
ART 107
Painting II
ART 108
Painting III
ART 109
Painting IV
ART 110
Art Appreciation II
ART 111
Two-Dimensional Design I
ART 112
Two-Dimensional Design II
ART 113
Three-Dimensional Design
ART 115
Portfolio Workshop I
ART 116
Portfolio Workshop II
ART 117
A World of Art: Works in Progress
ART 118
Art of the Western World
ART 119
Art History I
ART 120
Art History II
ART 121
Drawing Fundamentals
ART 122
Drawing Fundamentals II
ART 123
Watercolor Painting
ART 129
Digital Photo Composition
ART 130
Black-and-White Camera and Darkroom I
ART 131
Black-and-White Camera and Darkroom II
ART 132
Graphic Arts Production
ART 133
Color Photography I
ART 134
History of Photography
ART 135
History of American Art
ART 136
Race, Class and Gender in American Art (cross-listed with PDA 136)
ART 137
Color Slide Film Photography: Exposure and Printing
ART 138
Photo Techniques
ART 139
Color Photography II
ART 141
The Art of Africa, Asia and the Americas
ART 142
Ceramics I
ART 143
Ceramics II
ART 144
Introduction to Web Site Design
ART 145
Ceramics III
ART 152
Jewelry Workshop I
ART 156
Jewelry Workshop II
ART 160
Art Therapy I (cross-listed with PSY 160)
ART 161
Art Therapy II (cross-listed with PSY 161)
ART 170
Calligraphy I
ART 171
Calligraphy II
ART 176
Printmaking Workshop I
ART 177
Printmaking Workshop II
ART 180
ART 190
Art and the Environment
ART 193
Materials and Techniques
ART 201
Relief and Intaglio Printmaking
ART 202
Lithography and Serigraphy Printmaking
ART 211
Graphic Design I
ART 212
Graphic Design II
ART 213
ART 214
ART 215
Illustrations / Cartooning
ART 216
Illustration II
ART 217
Techniques of Illustration I
ART 218
Techniques of Illustration II
ART 219
Sculpture I
ART 220
Sculpture II
ART 221
The Art of Taoism, Buddhism and Zen (cross-listed with PHL 221)
ART 224
Fashion Design
ART 225
Art and the Jewish Identity
ART 226
Art in New York: A Multicultural Perspective
ART 244H
Rebels and Romantics: Art and Literature of the 19th Century (cross-listed with ENG 244)
ART 254
Art Seminar Abroad
ART 255
Art in London
ART 257
Applied Decorative Arts: Gilding, Marbling, Faux Finishes
ART 258
Art in Africa
ART 261
Outdoor Landscaping Drawing
ART 263
Figure & Portrait Sculpture I
ART 264
Art and the African American Experience
ART 266
Introduction to Woodworking
ART 267
Figure and Portrait Sculpture II
ART 268
Landscape Drawing in Vermont
ART 273
Art Practicum
ART 280
Digital Art and Design
ART 281
Publication Design / InDesign
ART 283
Advanced Drawing / Illustrator
ART 285
Experiments in Art on Macintosh Microcomputers
ART 286
Flash! Animation
ART 288
Digital Imaging / Photoshop
ART 291
ART 292
Art in Paris: Crucible of Modernism
ART 295
Intro to Graphic Design on the Microcomputer II
ART 601
Special Topics in Art
ART 602
Special Topics in Art
ART 603
Special Topics in Art
ART 604
Special Topics in Art
ART 605
Special Topics in Art
ART 606
Special Topics in Art
ART 910
Color Theory
ART 950
Careers in Art
ART 960
Independent Projects in Photography
ART 962
Alternative Processes In Photography
ART 964
Critique Seminar in Photography
Document Actions