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Speech Department

Humanities, Social and Behavioral Science Division


Program Chair: Wilma Frank

Office Telephone: (845) 574-4345



Full Time Faculty: Allison Briker, Wilma Frank, Andrew Jacobs, Maire Liberace


Adjunct Faculty: Adjunct Faculty: Jamila Brathwaite, Zuleika Cuevas, Lindsey Doolittle, Talia Lipton, Jean Massaro, Rachel Nove, David Solomon, Linda Tamesian Kalfayan, Lanny Taylor, Keith Walters


Since speech is the primary means of communication, the speech discipline strives to develop and enhance this faculty in each student. Courses in speech meet a variety of needs. Students can develop greater competency in spoken American English, improve voice and diction, understand the basics of speech and language, train in debate techniques, interpret literature orally, practice public speaking, study semantics and the political implications of speech, and apply techniques to improve cross-cultural communication.

Students can transfer to four-year institutions in order to major in the following fields: speech pathology and audiology, pre-law, public relations, business, teaching, psychology, rhetoric, linguistics, and radio/TV.


Each year the Speech discipline sponsors a speech tournament, a debate tournament for two- and four-year colleges, the Honors Speech Dinners, Reader's Theater, and a branch of Sigma Chi Eta (the National Communication Honor Society).


Students interested in speech often pursue the following degree program:

Liberal Arts and Sciences ­ Humanities and Social Science (A.A.).

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