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STEM & Health Professions



Department Chair:


Department Secretary:

Susan Kapral

Office Location:

Academic I, Room 1101

Phone Number:



Students interested in science often pursue the following degree programs:

A.A. Liberal Arts and Sciences ­ Mathematics and Science

A.S. Engineering Science

A.S. Environmental Science

A.S. Liberal Arts and Sciences ­ Mathematics and Science



The Science Department includes the following subject areas: biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, environmental science, and physical sciences. Selection of courses in either biological or physical sciences is ideal for those students planning careers in biology, chemistry, ecology, physics, medicine, dentistry, chiropractic medicine, or other health-related professions requiring a strong background in science.


Students are prepared for transfer to four-year institutions, normally at the junior level. Students must meet all pre-requisites before registering for specific courses in science. Laboratory sections must be taken concurrently with lecture sections. Students may not mix day lectures with evening labs or day labs with evening lectures. Students failing a lab science must re-take the entire course, both lab and lecture.


For all areas of science, the College provides fully equipped laboratories. In addition, the Science Learning Center has materials to supplement and review information covered in classroom and laboratory for students enrolled in mediated science courses. The Science discipline sponsors an annual science lecture series, featuring lectures given by eminent scientists in their fields of expertise.


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