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Psychology Department


Psychology Department

Humanities, Social and Behavioral Science Division


Program Coordinator: Bruce Delfini

Office Telephone: (845) 574 - 4350



Full Time Faculty: Beth Cunin, Patricia Lazar, Joseph Pirone, James Sherrier, Cally Kostakis, Kristie Morris, Debra Tietze


Adjunct Faculty: Lidia I. Accetta, Linda Alvira, Phyllis T. Bloshinsky-Simkin, Lisa M. Defeciani, Judith P. Kesselman, James Maguire, Kyle Miller, Lynette S. Palestro, Paul R. Plotnick, Richard Primps, Sabrina G. Rieder, Kit M. Saizdelamora, Barbara Selick, Franqui Souffrant, Robert P. Stein, Jeffery S. Vallon


The Psychology Department at SUNY Rockland is in the process of modifying its curriculum so that it conforms with the goals of our administration, under the leadership of our President Dr. Cliff Wood.  The new SUNY Rockland emphasizes our community’s commitment to excellence, service to our diverse communities and integration of academic technology into the research and  teaching styles of our professors.  Some of our courses emphasize the creative research and multi media products of our students.  We are currently in the process of restructuring many of our courses so that these goals and objectives can be attained. 


Our faculty brings an exceptionally rich and varied background in their approaches to deep understanding of human nature from its most creative potential in the higher reaches of human nature  to its dysfunctional and disordered forms.  Our website is a work in progress and therefore not all the required materials have been posted.



As part of our department’s commitment to following the recommendations of the Middle States Evaluation over the years, our department is modifying the actual teaching styles of our teachers, to include in the teaching process, students of excellence who are representatives of diverse backgrounds not represented in our full time faculty.  Listed below are some of those students and the products they have created in the recent past.



The department is exploring ways by which organizations such as Campus Compact and others can assist us in adding an academically rigorous, experientially enriching service learning course component that contributes to our diverse communities in a myriad of ways.  Below are some of the proposed programs that involve the use of video teleconferencing using Apple AV Chat.  These bring together the teaching, learning and experiential education processes between our campus and the various communities we serve.

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