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Philosophy and Religous Studies


Philosophy and Religious Studies

Humanities, Social and Behavioral Science Division


Coordinator: vacant

Office Telephone: (845) 574-



Full Time Philosophy Faculty:


Participating Full Time Faculty: Maire Liberace, Martin Lecker, Carolina Sosa


Adjunct Faculty: Everet Green, Raymond Mundy, Gray Orphee, John R. Pahucki


Philosophy and Religious Studies courses provide an excellent introduction to your college studies since they raise the fundamental questions and problems that each academic discipline and our society as a whole attempt to answer. They identify and re-evaluate the beliefs, perspectives, values and ideals of each age, and in doing so, gives us a deeper understanding of ourselves and the times in which we live.


In addition, the study of philosophy had the added benefit of fostering the development of skills and abilities essential to your career and personal development, such as:

  • the ability to think clearly and critically
  • to analyze concepts and assess arguments
  • to solve problems
  • to formulate, develop and express a coherent and rationally defensible point of view
  • to understand different perspectives behind disagreements
  • to resolve conflicts over values


For this reason, philosophy had always been recommended for students going on in such fields as LAW, EDUCATION, MEDICINE, and GOVERNMENT

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