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Pluralism and Diversity


Pluralism and Diversity

Business and Information Technology Division


Office Telephone: (845) 574-4249


Full Time Faculty: Stephen Churchill, Andrew Jacobs, Martin Lecker, David Lucander, Elaine Padilla, Stanley Ralph, Carolina Sosa, Richard D. Vobroucek


Adjunct-Faculty:  Sheri Cappello, Joseph E. Pisani, Fabiola Riobe, Neville H. Williams


America's demography is changing rapidly. Students face a future in which they must function in an increasingly diverse and pluralistic society. In response to those changes, all two-year degree programs require students to complete a three-credit course, PDA 101, or an approved equivalent. PDA 101 and other pluralism courses involve the student in the analysis of acculturation, class, communication, customs, family, gender, heritage, ethnicity, race, and stereotyping, and leads the student to think critically about competing values in our democratic society. Other courses exploring these issues are offered as electives within particular disciplines or as alternatives to the basic PDA course.

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