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Prospective Students


The Philosophy of the Nursing Program

Nursing is a health profession which focuses on the alleviation or prevention of disease, and on maximizing the patient’s potential for optimal well being.  Nursing is a direct, goal-oriented, service profession which responds to the specific needs of the patient.  The patient may be the individual, the family, or the community.  Nursing is practiced in an ever expanding variety of settings.  The health care system is a complex organization of structured and non-structured care facilities, and human resources which provide a wide array of health care services.

The nursing process is a methodology upon which the practice of nursing is based.  It consists of five interrelated steps:  assessment, nursing diagnosis, planning, intervention, and evaluation.  Effective implementation of the Nursing Process requires cognitive, psychomotor, and affective behaviors derived from learning activities in clinical therapeutics, nursing theory, liberal arts, and sciences.


Goals of the Nursing Program at Rockland Community College

  1. Meet the needs of the community for individuals who are both informed citizens and registered nurses.
  2. Provide access into practice as a registered nurse and the foundation for baccalaureate and higher education in nursing for all who desire it.
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