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STEM & Health Professions

Department Chair:

Robert Ludwig

Department Secretary:

Diane Mena

Office Location:

Academic II, Room 2333

Phone Number:


Students interested in mathematics often pursue the following degree programs:


A.A. Liberal Arts and Sciences ­ Mathematics and Science

A.S. Liberal Arts and Sciences ­ Mathematics and Science

Rockland's Mathematics discipline offers a variety of courses designed to serve students with different backgrounds and different goals. Course offerings include basic algebra (elementary and intermediate), pre-calculus, calculus, business calculus, differential equations, and linear algebra, as well as finite mathematics and statistics.


Students with strong mathematics backgrounds can study courses that prepare them for transfer programs in business, computer studies, education, engineering, the natural sciences, psychology, and technologies (e.g., the calculus sequence, differential equations, linear algebra, statistics, finite mathematics). Students lacking a strong background may study courses that satisfy the prerequisites for more rigorous programs.



All students are required to take the mathematics assessment test in order to help determine appropriate placement. Students are encouraged to enroll as early as possible in the appropriate level course as determined by the placement exam and advisement


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