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Humanities, Social and Behavioral Science Division


Program Coordinator: Bruce Delfini

Office Telephone: (845) 574 - 4350



Full Time Faculty: David Beisel, Colin Faulds, Christina Stern


Part Time Faculty: Bruce Delfini, Anne Dworkis, Francis J. Orlowski, Raymond W. Schulz, Bernard Tabachnik


History is the social science that studies the chronological record of significant events in the human past and attempts to explain their causes. The historian examines biographies, documents, first-hand personal accounts, the findings of archeologists, monuments, and the writings of earlier historians in order to interpret and understand the human story. The study of history is an essential part of a liberal arts education.


Historians can find careers as both college and secondary school teachers. Many work for museums and research foundations and government agencies. The study of history is excellent preparation for foreign service careers as well as occupations that involve contact with different nations and cultures.


Students interested in history often pursue the following degree program: Liberal Arts and Sciences ­ Humanities and Social Science (A.A.).

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