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Electronic and Computer Technology


Electronic and Computer Technology

Business and Information Technology Division


Program Coordinator: Jeanette Geller

Telephone: (845) 574 - 4577



Why choose a career in Electronics?

Electronics is a rapidly growing field. Almost every part of life today uses electronics in some way, and the applications of electronics are growing all the time.

Look in the Help Wanted section of any newspaper, and you will find many jobs waiting for men and women with electronic skills.


Where is Electronics used?

In Homes: 
        Security systems 
        Police & Fire radios
        Industrial controls 
        Medical Electronics
In short  almost everywhere! 


What can Rockland do for me?

Rockland Community College can prepare you for a rewarding and interesting career in electronics.

Your studies will give you the skills needed to work as a technician in the electronics field, or as a foundation for transfer to an engineering school.


What qualifications will I get?

Studies in Electronics and Computer Technology lead to an Associate in Applied Science degree. You can graduate in two calendar years full-time. You can study full-time or part-time.

You can also enroll in a one-year certificate program which leads directly to employment opportunities in the rapidly growing electronics field.

You can specialize in Communications , MicroComputers , Audio and Video , Computer-Assisted Design or build a schedule to suit your own needs from the wide range of courses offered.


Can I get a job?

Yes! Graduates who wish to enter the job market find they have skills that are in demand by many employers. A number of RCC graduates have been hired by Materials Research Corporation , IBM, and many others.


Can I become an Engineer?

Yes! Many graduates from Rockland have transferred to 4-year engineering schools, including SUNY College of Technology, New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), and Rochester Institute of Technology among others. Electronics and Computer Technology students can pursue a baccalaureate degree in Electrical Engineering Technology at the above institutions. These links take you to the home pages of each college.


Must I be a math whiz?

NO! - The courses are taught by a hands-on approach, and only basic math skills are needed.


I'm interested - what next?

Contact the Electronics and Computer Technology or Computer Networking departments at Rockland Community College in the Technology Building room 8320, by calling (845) 574-4249, and we will advise you on the courses best suited to your needs.

You can also send E-mail to Be sure to include your name, address and telephone number.

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