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Teacher Education/Early Childhood/Childhood/Adolescence

Teacher Education A.S.Transfer Degrees Early Childhood Development Certificate


Important Dates Teacher Education Program:

*Advisement currently ongoing. Call 845-574-4482 for appointment.


*September 1, 2011, RCC classes begin.


*November 5, 2011--RCC Co-hosts "Early Years are Learning Years Conference" on campus


Teacher Education/Early Childhood/Childhood/Adolescence

Humanities, Social and Behavioral Science Division


Department Chair: Debra Courtney Tietze

Educational Support Staff: Louise Schreier

Office Telephones: 845-574-4562, 845-574-4482

Full-Time Faculty: Debra Courtney Tietze

Early Childhood Adjunct Faculty: Judith Kesselman, Kyle Miller, Ellen Mitchell, Ellen Spergel

Childhood Education Adjunct Faculty: Linda Alvira, Deidre Rock, Louise Schreier

Adolesence Adjunct Faculty: Linda Alvira, Louise Schreier


The Early Childhood Development Certificate of training is especially designed to provide those who are planning to work in Early Childhood settings (such as Head Start Centers, Pre-K programs, nursery schools and childcare centers) with an overview of developmentally appropriate practices necessary for effective work with young children. Courses in child developmental theory, curriculum planning, program management and fieldwork experiences are required. Students interested in Early Childhood Development should seek academic advisement as soon as possible. For information and advisement, contact Debra Tietze, Teacher Education Program Coordinator, at 845-574-4562.


Rockland’s on-site childcare facility, the Campus Fun and Learn Child Development Center, Inc. is designed to serve families with children from infancy through 5 years. This state of the art Early Childhood facility was newly rennovated in 2009 and is house in the new Theresa Morahan Simmons Center for Children and Families. Due to its high quality this program is used as a fieldwork placement and observation site for Teacher Education students at RCC and the surrounding region. The center is open to the public as well as to RCC students, faculty, staff, thus serving the general community as well. For childcare information call Director, Kyle Miller, at 845-574-4561.


The 3 Associate’s Degrees in Liberal Arts and Sciences, (Early Childhood/Childhood/Adolescence) Teacher Education Transfer are especially designed for those students interested in transferring to four year programs leading to teacher certification in New York State.The degree choices include:"Early Childhood" for those wishing to work with children from Birth to Grade 2; "Childhood" which included Grade 1 through Grade 6: and "Adolescence includes Grades 7though Grade 12. Students begin both their required Liberal Arts core sequence, their major concentration, two semesters of a foreign language, as well as some pre-service professional education courses here at Rockland.


Under the “Extending the Bridge” project we have developed articulation partnerships with 6 regional colleges to assist in the recruitment and transfer of our diverse pool of teacher candidates.Participating colleges include: Dominican, St. Thomas Aquinas, SUNY New Paltz, CUNY Lehman and Ramapo College of New Jersey. (However, students who follow our teacher education guide sheets will be well prepared to transfer to other teacher education programs of their choice as well).


Most four year teacher preparation programs, have now raised their entry requirements to: a minimum GPA of 2.75-3.0 (strong B average), and expert evidence of advanced writing skills through essay evaluation, a personal transfer interview and strong letters of reference. For acceptance into the upper-division professional core of teacher preparation courses students should plan their first two years of studies here at Rockland accordingly. For advisement information Contact Department Chair, Debra C. Tietze at 845-574-4562 or Louise Schreier at 845-574-4482.


Through our former “Preparing Adults for Careers in Teaching” PACT project (a FIPSE grant funded by the U.S. Department of Education from 2001-2005) we have created special advisement services for adults transitioning into new careers in teacher education. For transcript evaluation advisement appointments contact Louise Schreier in Teacher Education at 574-4482.

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