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Communication Arts


Communication Arts

Business & Technology Division


Program Chair: Beth A. Robinson, MS

Office Telephone: (845) 574-4425



Full Time Faculty: Beth A. Robinson, Richard Connolly


Adjunct Faculty: Philip Biagioli, Robert Cardelli, Robert LeMoullec, Stephanie Siddi,  Christopher Thiesing,  Joseph Quesada


The Communication Media Arts program offers theoretical instruction and practical experience in audio and video production for the mass media. The program is learner centered in its approach. Students learn individually and collectively in the areas of television, radio, audio, video, Internet and other interactive electronic and digital media. Students are introduced to a wide range of production skills and to the creative benefits of production teamwork.


The Communication Media Arts Associate of Arts (AA) degree program prepares students for careers in television, radio, music, film, and digital multi-media production. The degree program is also an excellent preparation for further study at a four-year college or university.


Students wishing to pursue a career in communication media arts should be aware that they are entering a very competitive industry. Motivation and dedication are vital for success in the ever-changing world of information age, mass media communications.


Located in SUNY Rockland Community College's Library Media Center, the Communication Media Arts facilities include radio and television studios with fully equipped control rooms, electronic editing suites, digital production and editing facilities, cable, satellite and Internet links.


Second-year students are encouraged to write, produce, direct, and edit video and audio and multi-media projects. Individual internships are possible at local cable outlets, major radio and television networks, recording studios and multi-media video and audio production facilities.


Students interested in history often pursue the following degree program: Communication Media Arts (A.A.)

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