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Automotive Technology


Automotive Technology

Business and Professional/Public Service Division



Why Study Automotive Technology?
The Automotive industry has become a highly technical industry in order to meet governmental safety and environmental regulations. These new regulations have created a demand for well-trained high level technicians. Cars and trucks today are run by electronic systems and computers. To do their job, technicians must know a lot about how complex parts of the car and truck work together. The AAS degree in Automotive Technology will train students on late model and future vehicle technology.



Department Chair: Corey Ratner, Instructor, Automotive Technology


Telephone: 845-574-4161

Technology Center, Room 8244


Full Time Faculty: Corey Ratner, Instructor

*Adjunct Faculty: Frank T. Demers, Phillip DiMario, Matthew Dykes, Robert Kehrli, Victor Perez


Just starting out, or a highly successful Automotive Technician currently working in the field and wants to upgrade your skill level.   Rockland Community College can help you relize your goals, and obtain an Associate Degree, and/or ASE Certifications.

*Adjunct instructors are ASE certified and leaders in the Automotive Industry.

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