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Art Department Alumni


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Name: Franklin, Philip
Major: Printmaking
Further Education: SUNY Purchase, B.F.A. in Printmaking
Current Situation: Artist Assistant for Christopher Janney,Boston, Ma.
Exibitions/ Publications: Done various records and CDs for Music.
Travel/News/Comments: Project with Chris Janney in Cincinatti, Ohio ( Faxed Head West Coast Tour. Would love to play guitar and sing at any RCC alumnae/reunions, my fee is low and my songs are high.
Name: Heller, Janet
Major: Graphic Arts/Advertising


Artuso, Susan
Major: Fine Art
Further Education: Preatt Institute BFA Graphic Design 1988
Travel/News/Comments: "Hey to Walter & Kaare! been a very long time!"
Name: Mahan, Jacqueline
Major: Fine Art
Further Education: St.Thomas Acquinas('94) & College of New Rochelle('99)
Current Situation: Art Teacher, Valley Cottage Elementary School
Name: Rooney, M. Christine
Major: Advertising/Graphic Design
Further Education: BFA/Arts Management
Travel/News/Comments: "Wish I had never left the Arts"
Name: Lopez, Elaine
Major: Fine Arts
Further Education: Fashion Institute
Current Situation: Designer for Pearson Education. Designer for Readers Digest.
Exibitions/ Publications: Books: Ten-Minute Math & Decoeable Little Books entered in the NY Book Show
Name: Scales-Zepf, Kerri
Major: AAS Graphic Arts/Advertising
Further Education: BS Art Education K-12
Current Situation: Rockland County Solid Waste Mgmt. Authority - Teacher/Tour Guide of Environmenal Educational Center
Travel/News/Comments: Continuously maintain involvement in the arts. Try to pick-up instructional classes with children. The creative arts play a huge role in my daily work activities and planning.
Name: Mendelson, Eric
Major: Graphic Arts & Advertising
Further Education: New Platz College
Current Situation: Art & Technology teacher in Middle School 52, (Bronx)
Exibitions/ Publications: Video Productions with my students & Year book
Name: Coogan, John
Further Education: Parson School Of Design('95), B.Arch. Cum Laude ('99)
Current Situation: Denker Cackovic Architects
Travel/News/Comments: Institute for Advanced Architectural Studies Venice, Italy - Summer '99.
Name: Miner, Kristen
Further Education: School of Visual Arts - Fashion Photography class
Current Situation: Adminstrative Assistant for Delia's Corp. in Manhattan
Travel/News/Comments: Travel to Rome, Barcelon and Ibiza
Name: Polk, V. Jan
Further Education: Computer Training on Mac ('95)
Current Situation: Substitute Teacher, Rockland County Schools
Travel/News/Comments: 2000 - 21st Annual Members Show at Hopper House Membership. Chair and Trustee of Hopper House Art Center. Spearheaded Committee and wrote application to get Hopper House listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Received this distinction for Hopper House April, 2000. Gave speech accepting this honor.
Name: Olsen, Karin
Major: Liberal Arts
Further Education: School of Visual Arts NYC
Current Situation: Freelance Photographer's Assistant
Exibitions/ Publications: SVA Gallery May 1999 - SOHO Gallery CMYK Magazine Winter 2000
Name: Moutal, M. Laura
Major: Graphic Arts
Further Education: B.F.A Graphic Arts & Montclair State Univ.(NJ)
Current Situation: Sales & Marketing Coordinator at "Directrix, Inc."
Exibitions/ Publications: 1997 BFA Project Exhibit at Montclair State Univ.
Travel/News/Comments: "RCC was the best education and experience I've ever had. Life is great and Iam using my art and skills finally in a great job. Thinking of taking more courses at RCC very soon. I am studying Martial Arts, learning Chinese and enjoy monster truck shows!"
Name: Preisler, C. Michelle
Major: Graphic Design
Further Education: SUNY New Platz
Current Situation: Pyramid Accessories -Designer Designing children'shandbags,bookbags and accessories.
Travel/News/Comments: Worked in Print for 18 months and is on to Textiles even though did not go to school for it.
Name: Chris Vallone
Major: Fine Arts
Further Education: Ramapo College of NJ - STAC NYC
Current Situation: Own my own production Co. VTVideos. Currently writting, directing, editing indie films.
Exibitions/ Publications: NY International Independent Film & Video Festival, Internationla Festival of Cinema & Technology, Rivertown Film Society
Travel/News/Comments: "Go to my web page for all info on myself as well as viewing my films and portfolio.
Name: Leigh, S. Hunt
Further Education: New Platz
Current Situation: Self employed contractor
Travel/News/Comments: "Building a 24'x36' Studio/Garage at my house."
Name: Pierre, Gerald
Major: Photography
Further Education: Pratt Institute
Name: Brady, Donald
Major: Advertising & Graphic Design
Current Situation: Auto Detailer at Rockland Toyota
Name: Braun, Jodi
Major: Visual Arts
Further Education: Ramapo College (Senior)
Current Situation: Employed at Inserra supermarkets.
Travel/News/Comments: "I was married to a wonderful man, this past June 3. We went to Hawaii on our honeymoon. I have been in the teacher certification program for 18 months. I have worked in Upper Saddle River assisting in art classrooms. I will be doing observations in an elementary school in West Milford and teachstudents."
Name: Hayward, Jennifer
Major: Fine/Graphic Arts
Further Education: St.Thomas Aquinas College- Art Ed. Bachelors
Current Situation: Art Teacher (K-8th) in Manhattan
Exibitions/ Publications: Exhibits at St.Thomas Aquinas College. At work, Art Club/Yearbook & after school Portfolio preparation.
Travel/News/Comments: "I had my best experiences at RCC. The teachers that I had the pleasure of knowing and learning from inspired me to be an art teacher! I will always be thankful for that."
Name: Alliotta, Vincent
Major: Graphic Design
Current Situation: Graphic Designer for a company in Rockland, and have own  business.
Name: Cable, Edward
Major: Graphic Design
Current Situation: SUNY Purchase - Graphic Design Dept.
Name: Milillo, Frank
Major: Fine Arts
Current Situation: Three dimensional Artist
Name: Chindemi, Olga
Major: Graphic Design/Fine Arts
Further Education: Pratt Institute/School of Visual Arts
Name: Adams, Clayton
Major: Art
Travel/News/Comments: "RCC did a great job at introducing me to the art world, thank you RCC."
Name: Mandal, Ray
Major: Graphic Design
Further Education: SUNY - Purchase
Current Situation: Macy's Nanuet - Visual
Exibitions/ Publications: Fresh Talanted Award - SUNY Albany 2000
Name: Almanzor, L. Barbara
Major: Computer Graphics
Current Situation: Student
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