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Humanities, Social and Behavioral Science Division


Program Coordinator: Bruce Delfini

Office Telephone: (845) 574 - 4350



Full Time Faculty: Elaine Padilla


Adjunct Faculty: Shane Burd


Anthropology is concerned with the commonalities and diversity of human experience and so it explores a wide range of issues. Physical anthropologists focus on questions of human evolution, variation and our relationship with the environment, while cultural anthropologists conduct archaeological research, analyze the development of languages and the significance of verbal and non-verbal communication in our daily lives and study cultures around the world by sharing and observing the life experiences of people in those societies.


The science of anthropology also includes cultural anthropology, the study of human culture or the means by which human beings sustain life; linguistics, the study of human language; and archeology, the study of human life based primarily on the recovery of artifacts, objects made and/or used by human beings.


Students interested in anthropology often pursue the following degree program: Liberal Arts and Sciences: Humanities and Social Science (AA). Advanced study in anthropology and archeology courses can lead to university and museum positions in their related fields.

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