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Title III - Pathways to Success


"Thanks to the U.S. Department of Education Title III grant, we look forward to bolstering our students’ ability to achieve success at RCC and beyond, improving academic engagement and increasing retention and graduation rates. By allowing us to offer students additional academic resources and support, the grant will have a direct impact on the teaching and learning process. Our students’ Pathways to Success can now include a First Year Experience Seminar, ensuring a smoother transition into higher education, and core gateway courses have been redesigned and enhanced with supplementary resources for learning."

Dr. Cliff Wood, SUNY Rockland Community College President


Welcome to Title III – Pathways to Success at Rockland Community College. The Title III – Strengthening Institutions grant was awarded to Rockland Community College by the Department of Education in October 2010. Title III will make fundamental changes in the freshman year experience, teaching and learning in gateway courses, and the quality and availability of academic support services. These three strategic pathways will promote student success by increasing student retention and achievement; increasing graduation rates; and strengthening student engagement.


Strengthening the First Year Experience will increase the retention of first year students by providing a Comprehensive Orientation, a First Year Experience Seminar, and On-Line Freshman Interest Groups.


Redesigning Gateway Courses will promote student engagement and achievement with innovative instructional designs and comprehensive web-enhanced course resources in 22 courses with high failure rates.


Integrated Academic Services will centralize and web-enhance academic support services through on-line tutoring, aligning academic support with gateway course instruction, implementing a new instructor referral and on-line appointment system, and introducing a highly effective early alert and student tracking system to provide timely feedback to students at-risk.


Extensive Professional Development will be included in all pathways as components of the larger, overall Title III Activity to ensure integration and institutionalization of all initiatives.



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