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Office of Assessment

Academic Affairs Division




to the homepage for all outcomes assessment activities at Rockland Community College. Through this office all outcomes assessment initiatives will be planned, initiated, analyzed, and disseminated.


Coordinator: Susan Parry

Office Location: Brucker Hall, Room 6105

Phone Number: (845) 574 - 4312

Fax Number: (845) 574 - 4354




The mission of the Outcomes Assessment Office is to establish a process of continuous outcomes assessment in all areas of the College in order to improve its programs and services for its students and the community. The climate of evidence established through this college-wide assessment will inform all planning, decision making and resource allocation.



Rockland Community College is an educational institution of excellence, seeking to always improve and renew itself through continuous assessment designed to better serve its students and the wider community.



The office provides support to anyone who needs assistance with assessment.

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