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Study of Rockland Community College Graduates

Placement Rates

A survey of 798 graduates in 2008 revealed that 72% of those responding were employed. Of those 68% went on to full‐time employment, while an additional 32% were employed part‐time.


Completion Rates

In June 2007, the completion rate for first‐time, full time students who entered Rockland Community College in the fall of 2004 was 46%. This figure includes student who received a degree or may have transferred without a degree to an institution of higher education. However, this is not the complete picture of student progress at Rockland. For example, of the full‐time students who began in Fall 2004, 16% were still enrolled in the fall of 2007. After three years, then, approximately 61% our 2004 full‐time entering students showed positive progress in the form of graduation, transfer, or continued student at Rockland.


Students Entering Fall 2004

First-time, full-time students - total number 1,374

Graduation rate after three years - 22%

Transfer rate after three years (with or without a degree) - 44%

Percentage remaining after three years - 16%

Total percentage with positive progress (graduated, still enrolled or transferred without degree) - 61%


Updated: July 1, 2008

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