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RCC Student Learning Outcomes Assessment (SLOA): Five-Year Plan

RCC Student Learning Outcomes Assessment (SLOA): Five-Year Plan


Student Learning Outcomes Assessment: 2013-2014

We are seeking to identify areas of student learning within the discipline and within general education that faculty, as a group, believes need strengthening. We then discuss results of assessment so that recommended modifications can be made and implemented, by course and across courses. This is student learning outcomes assessment. It is to evaluate student learning; it is not to evaluate faculty. By approaching this research in a critical and honest manner, we will discover what students are learning well, and what they are not.

  • Student learning outcomes assessment will be held for all outcomes in all courses for discipline- related and SUNY General Education outcomes within five years (2011-2012 to 2015-2016).
  • Departments may choose to complete their assessment of all discipline-related and general education outcomes in an earlier timeframe with permission of their Division Chair.
  • A 20-percent representative sample of sections for 20 percent of a department’s courses will be assessed each academic year in the fall and/or spring semester with all documents submitted by May 31 of the spring semester.
  • The representative sample will include all types of offerings such as online, international, learning communities, honors, day and evening courses that are taught by both full-time and adjunct faculty and in various locations such as off-campus and in high schools.
  • All stages of the assessment process will be reported electronically to the Division Chair and to Assessment, including:

- The completed assessment form (using either the textual or matrix form)

- A copy of the measure used and a sample of student work measured

- Any data or analysis

- A brief summary that includes faculty participation and a highlight of modifications or improvements made to the course

- A copy of assessment form for any reassessment

  • Assessments for courses under redesign under the Title III grant will align the course assessment with the timetable of the grants.
  • All courses approved for SUNY General Education credit need to be assessed by the end of the fourth year (May 31, 2015).
  • The results of the SUNY General Education Assessment will be shared within a task group for each of the 10 knowledge and skill areas and two overarching competencies.
  • Task groups will began meet during the Spring 2014 semester to discuss progress made, results, and to recommend modifications to related general educations courses. At the end of the five-year cycle, the task groups will meet as a whole to review the effectiveness of the general education curriculum using assessment results.
  • Standards set must be rigorous enough to identify not only strengths but areas for improvement.
  • Outcomes identified as not meeting standards in course assessment before the 2013-2014 school year must be reassessed.
  • Two measures (at least one of which must be a direct measure – see attached MSACHE guidelines) are recommended for each assessment when possible.
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