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Outcomes Assessment

Outcomes Assessment

Outcomes Assessment

RCC is committed to evaluating its progress toward meeting its stated goals. The College is responsible for gathering and evaluating information that measures the results of its teaching as well as assessing its effectiveness as a public institution of higher education. RCC is accountable to its students and its local and state constituents.

It participates in outcomes assessment to:

  • Enhance and facilitate teaching and learning
  • Serve students by accurately indicating what they can expect
  • Improve programs and services
  • Promote institutional accountability
  • Encourage institutional improvement
  • Improve planning and resource allocation
  • Provide information to the Board of Trustees and others for program review and funding

Note: Taken from the Commission of Higher Education/Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools

General Education Outcomes Assessment

The College participates in the SUNY mandate for the assessment of its general education program. This assessment process was designed and implemented by faculty in 2002. All of the course-level assessment is embedded within the evaluation of student work regularly required for each course in the general education program.

All results are aggregated by course and no student's work is ever individually identified. The results are analyzed only for the improvement of teaching and learning and data is shared with the college and SUNY.

To learn more about the courses approved for SUNY General Education transfer see the academic advisors or the college counselors.

Strengthened Campus-Based Assessment

In addition to General Education assessment and college-wide assessment, the SUNY Trustees also require additional assessment in four areas:  Basic Communication, Mathematics, Critical Thinking and Student Engagement. A program to assess in these four areas is under way.

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