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Working Groups

Organizational Structure of Working Groups

Working Group Members

Standard 1: Mission and Goals

Team Leader: Doreen Zarcone, Coordinator, High School Programs and Special Events

Working Group:

  • Joanie Asch, Sr. Clerk
  • Dr. Steve Ferres, Director, Information Technology Services
  • Elizabeth Kendall, Associate Vice President of Resource Development
  • Dr. Elaine Padilla, Professor, Social Science, and Co-Chair, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL)
  • Laurie Pina, Adjunct Faculty
  • Phaydora Sainvil,Student

Standard 2: Planning, Resource Allocation, and Institutional Renewal

Team Leader: Nicole Hanaburgh, Professor, Cyber Security

Working Group:

  • Damien Ciuccio, Student
  • Tamara Francois, New Student Orientation Assistant
  • Arad Namin, Program Assistant, Institutional Research (no longer at RCC)
  • Dr. Ngozi Onyia, Assistant Professor, Chemistry (no longer at RCC)
  • Sue Twomey, Counselor/Instructor, Financial Aid

Standard 3: Institutional Resources

Team Leader: Joe Marra, Associate Vice President of Finance /Controller

Working Group:

  • Jeanette Geller, Associate Professor and Department Chair, Computer Studies and Cyber Security
  • Elizabeth Kendall, Associate Vice President of Resource Development
  • Dawn Provenzano, Principal Clerk Typist
  • Zulma Santiago, Financial Analyst, Budget (no longer at RCC)
  • Mark Woodbine, Assistant Bursar

Standard 4: Leadership and Governance

Team Leader: Josephine Coleman, Associate Professor, Business

Working Group:

  • Peter Arvanites, Professor, Mathematics
  • Diana Carey, Associate Professor and Discipline Coordinator, Exercise/Human Performance
  • Bruce Delfini, Assistant Professor, History and Geography, and Department Chair, Social and Behavioral Sciences (Deceased)
  • Gabriel Lewis, Student
  • Ben Naylor, Chief of Staff/Secretary to the Board of Trustees, Office of the President
  • Howard Schuh, Adjunct Faculty

Standard 5: Administration

Team Leader: Debra Bouabidi, Director, Financial Aid

Working Group:

  • Gerald Borreggine, Adjunct Faculty
  • Irene Deutsch, Director, Student Career Services
  • Janice T. Goldstein, Director, Multi-Media Production Center
  • Mohsin Jafri, Student
  • Domingo Reyes, Clerk
  • Daniel Tauken, Assistant Director of Finance/Project Manager Grants

Standard 6: Integrity

Team Leader: Dr. Kevin Barrett, Assistant Professor and Department Chair, Criminal Justice

Working Group:

  • Peter Andryuk, Assistant Professor and Department Chair, Emergency Medical Services
  • Matt Gamb, Student
  • Samantha Goldberg, Student Involvement
  • Rochelle Mezoff, Educational Support Specialist, Occupational Therapy
  • Dr. Melanie Rie, Assistant Professor, Biology
  • Patricia Zodda, Associate Professor and Department Chair, Exercise & Human Performance

Standard 7: Institutional Assessment

Team Leader: Jim Robertson, Director, Institutional Research

Working Group:

  • Brian Gomez, Educational Associate, Academic Affairs
  • Nancy Koester, Assistant Director of Institutional Research & Effectiveness
  • Matthew Matcovich, Instructor, Mathematics
  • Dr. Melanie Rie, Assistant Professor, Biology
  • Beth Robinson, Instructor and Department Chair, Communications/Media Arts

Standard 8: Student Admissions and Retention

Team Leader: Jude Fleurismond, Director, Admissions

Working Group:

  • Stephen Burke, Instructor, English, and Coordinator, Reading/Writing Center
  • Bibiane Dolne, Director, Placement & Assessment
  • Kristen Kolka, Instructor, Mathematics
  • Hannah Lowney, Assistant Coordinator, M/TS Honors Program (no longer at RCC)
  • Joe Planck, Coordinator, Academic Advisement Center
  • Ellisa Silverstein, Counselor/Assistant Professor, Financial Aid (no longer at RCC)
  • Zhanna Trachuk, Student

Standard 9: Student Support Services

Team Leader: Donna Knoebel, Assistant Professor and Department Chair, Occupational Therapy

Working Group:

  • Marion Dale, Interim Director, Title III
  • Taylor Ehrlich, Student
  • Erika Gould, Student
  • Monica Jackson, Director, Accessibility Services
  • Dan Keeley, Director, Arena Management/Athletics
  • Dr. Liya Li, Professor, English
  • Gary Peskin, Program Assistant, Arena Management/Athletics
  • Inez Rivera, Counselor/Instructor, Student Development Center
  • Tammy Richardson, Director, Student Involvement

Standard 10: Faculty

Team Leader: Kathy Carroll, Counselor/Professor, Student Development Center

Working Group:

  • Cliff Ader, Instructor, Criminal Justice and Department Chair, Fire Technology
  • Marc Calo, Student
  • Shamika Mitchell, Assistant Professor, English
  • Sabrina Rieder, Adjunct Faculty
  • Francine Vincent, Student
  • Jeff Zeller, Adjunct Faculty

Standard 11: Educational Offerings

Team Leader: Cathy Roche, Professor, Business and Professional/Public Service

Working Group:

  • Lynn Aaron, Professor, Computer Studies and Co-Chair, CETL
  • Mujgan Baskoylu, Student
  • Elyse Fuller, Associate Professor, Science
  • Thalia Martinez, Student
  • Dana Stilley, Vice President of Student Services
  • Debra Vinecour, Associate Professor and Department Chair, Paralegal Studies
  • Kim Weston, Librarian/Associate Professor

Standard 12: General Education

Team Leader: Patty Kobes, Assistant to the Provost, Academic Affairs

Working Group:

  • Bill Baker, Professor, Science
  • Eric Ellingsen, Instructor, Exercise & Human Performance
  • Wendy Joseph, Student
  • Dr. David Lucander, Assistant Professor, Multicultural Studies
  • Marlene Kawalik, Adjunct
  • George Repic, Instructor, Business
  • Martha Rottman, Professor, English, and Division Chair, Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences

Standard 13: Related Educational Activities

Team Leader: Tom Della Torre, Associate Vice President of Academic and Community Partnerships

Working Group:

  • Robin Conklin, Registrar, Registration and Records
  • Cathy Davis, Assistant Professor and Department Chair, ESL
  • Hugo Echevarria, Student
  • Sheila Goldstein, Professor, English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Jeyson Jimenez, Student
  • Lilia Juele, Director, eLearning and Academic Technology
  • William McGregor, Associate Professor, Mathematics
  • Christian Mdeway, Director of Continuing Education
  • Brian Merritt, Director, Haverstraw Center

Standard 14: Assessment of Student Learning

Team Leader: Eric Magaram, Assistant Professor and Department Chair, Mathematics

Working Group:

  • Kathy Babcock, Instructor and Fieldwork Coordinator, Occupational Therapy
  • Carina Berlingeri, Student
  • Dr. Katie Lynch, Assistant Professor and Department Chair, M/TS Honors Program
  • Corey Ratner, Instructor and Department Chair, Automotive Technology
  • Dr. Lisa Schachter, Associate Professor, Nursing
  • Dr. Christina Stern, Assistant Professor, History
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