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Timeline for Self-Study and Evaluation


Academic Year 1 | Academic Year 2 | Academic Year 3

Academic Year 1

Fall 2014

  • Provost, in consultation with the President, appoints Steering Committee Co-Chairs
  • Attend Middle States Self-Study Institute in November
  • Self-Study Overview presented at College Forum
  • Attend Middle States Conference in December
  • Introductory meeting of Steering Committee
  • Invitations sent to members of Working Groups
  • Kick-off meeting of Steering Committee with Provost
  • Accreditation Liaison Officer to schedule Middle States Vice President for self-study preliminary visit in Spring 2015

Spring 2015

  • At Semester Start-Up, make faculty aware of Middle States process
  • Choose self-study model
  • Design research questions for each working group
  • Determine methodology
  • Identify useful documents
  • Complete first draft of Self-Study Design
  • Implement Google Docs for Steering Committee and working groups
  • Present draft of Self-Study Design to RCC community for feedback on Google Docs
  • Complete final draft of Self-Study Design and submit to Middle States Vice President
  • Middle States Vice President visits to approve Self-Study Design

Academic Year 2

Fall 2015

  • Submit final Self-Study Design to Middle States Vice President for approval
  • Steering Committee reviews the progress of the working groups on a monthly basis
  • Share the approved Design with the RCC community

Winter 2016

  • Middle States selects the evaluation team Chair, and RCC approves the selection
  • Dates are selected for Chair's visit and team visit
  • Self-Study Design is sent to team Chair

Spring 2016

  • Working groups submit drafts to Steering Committee
  • Steering Committee and writer draft the Self-Study Report
  • Share Self-Study Report draft with RCC community and request feedback
  • Incorporate feedback into second draft

Summer 2016

  • Share second Self-Study Report draft with RCC community for further feedback
  • Middle States selects evaluation team members and RCC approves selection
  • Incorporate feedback into third draft

Academic Year 3

Fall 2016

  • Share third Self-Study Report draft with RCC community
  • The draft Self-Study Report is sent to the visiting team Chair
  • The team Chair makes preliminary visit to RCC four months prior to the team visit
  • Notify Middle States of site visit dates
  • Incorporate feedback into final draft of Self-Study Report

Winter 2017

  • Final report sent to the evaluation team and to Middle States at least six weeks prior to team visit

Spring 2017

  • Share Self-Study Report with RCC community
  • Make available documentation for visiting team
  • Prepare agenda for visiting team meetings
  • Middle States Self-Study team visits campus - early March
  • Appreciation luncheon for Steering Committee, Working Groups and Support Staff, etc.
  • Share team report with RCC community
  • Prepare RCC response to the visiting team report

Summer 2017

  • Committee on Evaluation Reports meet to review Self-Study Report