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Energy Savings Project Timeline


winter 2017-2018

December 2017 - January 2018

checked Project Launch

checked Utility plant demolition

checked Interior Lighting upgrade mobilization in Academic spaces (Measure 2)

checked Computer load management (Measure 4)

January - March 2018

checked Hot water boiler installation in utility plant (Measure 7)

checked Ventilation optimization and control valve replacement mobilization (Measure 6)

checked Integrated building management system (BMS) mobilization (Measure 5)

checked Interior lighting mobilization (Measure 2)

checked Exterior lighting mobilization (Measure 3)

checked Installation of variable speed drives (Measure 9)

Spring 2018

April - June 2018

checked Interior lighting substantial completion (Measure 2)

checked Exterior lighting substantial completion (Measure 3)

checked Chiller installation in utility plant (Measure 6)

checked Variable speed drives substantial completion (Measure 9)

Summer - Fall 2018

July - August 2018

unchecked Site preparation for the new combined heat and power plant (CHP) (Measure 1)

September - November 2018

unchecked CHP Installation (Measure 1)

unchecked BMS substantial completion (Measure 5)

Winter 2019

December 2018 - February 2019

unchecked Commissioning of the new CHP (Measure 1)

unchecked Final BMS Integration (Measure 7)