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Major Energy Reduction Project - Ecosystem

Energy Efficiency Retrofit Project

RCC is partnering with Ecosystem, a design-build engineering company, to upgrade our campus and make it more sustainable.

Boiler Plant Upgrade Time Lapse Video


Benefits and Scope

This energy efficiency retrofit project will help our college save $558,000/year, help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 1,000 metric tons (equivalent to removing 385 cars from the road), and include a $1.1 million incentive from Orange & Rockland Utilities Commercial & Industrial Program.

infographic of benefits and scope


Energy Retrofit Map

Take a look at the map below to learn about the 9 retrofit measures implemented on campus.


Energy Retrofit Map

Energy Retrofit Project Timeline

Construction started in late 2017 and will end in early 2019. Take a look the construction progress in the schedule below! See Project Timeline (text version)




Remember to check this page regularly for construction updates, contests, and more!

Questions or comments about the project, send us an email at or


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