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February 2015

President’s Report

February 19, 2015

Cliff L. Wood

This Month

State of the State / State of Our Children


Dr. Wood reading to children


Dr. Wood reading to students from the Campus Fun and Learn Center


One of my favorite activities each year is when I am invited by one of Rockland County’s public schools for the annual “Rockland County Read-In.”  On Friday, February 13, I had the opportunity to read to a first grade class at Summit Park Elementary School in East Ramapo.  The school is clean, bright and cheerful, and when I entered at 8:30 AM, there was clearly a high level of energy and enthusiasm for the day’s activities.  I was immediately met by the school’s librarian who led me to a display of books, where I selected one appropriate for first graders.  A poised and well-mannered third grader then escorted me to Cynthia Norman’s classroom.  What I found there were 28 lively first graders, all having breakfast provided by the school district.  I also learned that for 12 of the 28 children, English was not their first language.  It was clear, after a few minutes, that Ms. Norman is a skilled and seasoned teacher who moves about the classroom, actively engaging all the students in the day’s activities.