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Workshop Schedule

Program sessions will be held at the Suffern campus on one Friday per month from 9 am to 1 pm.

The workshop dates for the 2017-2018 Leadership Academy are:

Workshop Descriptions

Session One: Self-Discovery - October 13

  • Welcome and Introduction - Guest Speaker:Dr. Michael A. Baston
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - Guest Speaker: Kathleen Carroll
    A leading self-development tool used today, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator will be administered to all participants, scored and interpreted to increase a personal understanding of participants’ communication and leadership styles.

Session Two: the promise of professional intelligence - November 3

  • Emotional Intelligence - Guest Speaker: Dr. Michael A. Baston
    Self-reflection is essential to leadership success. Daniel Goleman’s work on emotional intelligence will serve as a beginning point for developing professional intelligence.
  • Followership - Guest Speaker: Dr. Michael A. Baston
    Understanding the role individuals play in following the leader is another key aspect of leadership success. Barbara Kellerman’s insights on followers will be considered.
  • Above the Line Thinking - Guest Speaker: Dr. Michael A. Baston
    Leaders will be unsuccessful with their followers without a problem solving
    development strategy that can be executed. Connors, Smith and
    Hickman’s work on addressing organizational challenges will be examined.

Session Three: Communication Skills - December 1

  • Public Speaking - Guest Speaker: Talia Lipton
    Having effective public speaking skills is the hallmark of a successful leader. We will focus on some key techniques to develop these vital tools.
  • Social Media - Guest Speaker: Abigail Hunte
    We will examine the impact social media plays on leaders, as well as the importance of developing a professional brand.

Session Four: Managing Stress - January 19

  • Managing Stress - Guest Speakers: Joe Falco, LMFT & Janice Moore, LCSW
    Leadership positions naturally create stress. We will discover how to manage the daily stressors that leaders experience and learn techniques to maintain personal and professional well-being.

Session Five: Enhancing Leadership Skills - February 9

  • Visionary Leaders - Guest Speaker: Dr. Susan Deer
    Leaders are not born; they are created by learning leadership skills. Everyone can become more effective in any stage of his/her career. We will examine the key skills needed to be outstanding team leaders.

Session Six: Conflict Resolution - March 2

  • Defusing Difficult Encounters - Guest Speaker: William Murphy
    Having the ability to defuse difficult encounters by following a few basic principles provides us with the opportunity to positively impact the direction and outcome of the difficult situations we may encounter. If a situation permits,incorporating these principles provides an alternative means to understanding a difficult encounter, toning down a potential conflict and defusing the event.
  • Strategies and Techniques - Guest Speaker: Sutonia Boykin
    Managing and resolving conflict is a key skill for successful leaders. We will explore conflict resolution strategies and address the essential ingredients in developing effective techniques in the workplace.



  • Presentation of Action Learning Projects
  • Graduation
    • The President will award certificates to the participants.
  • Wrap-up
    • We will discuss how participants plan to integrate the skills they gained from the Leadership Academy into their professional and community responsibilities.

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