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Heritage Month Committee Guidelines


Rockland Community College
Heritage Month Committee


The college creates heritage month committees to increase awareness of cultural diversity. Events are planned during a period of time to celebrate various cultures. This document provides guidelines so that the committees can proceed smoothly.

Committee members are identified by the President. The President selects two committee members to chair the committee.


    1. Committee Chair(s) – Ex-officio of whole committee. Responsible for overall planning and theme for events; plans and prepares a budget; ensures that events meet the mission and goals of the college. Follow up on planning of events, calls meetings of sub-committee chairs as necessary. Works with Campus Communications to publicize events.
    2. Sub-committee Chair(s) – A person(s) who chairs a single event; person(s) sits on larger committee; person(s) plans and executes all aspects of event.
    3. Sub-committee Member(s) – Sub-committee chair(s) should seek 3-4 other employees to serve on committee. Employees may be asked to volunteer or sub-committee chair(s) may send an allrcc email asking for volunteers. Participants assist with planning and executing a single event (see below).
    1. Once events are determined, identify costs for event for materials, refreshments, etc. and submit to the Chair. Quotes must be obtained according to RCC Purchasing Guidelines.
    2. The Chair should contact Student Involvement and the RCC Association to find out if funds have been budgeted for the monthly heritage events.
    1. Events should be presented in a coordinated manner.
    2. Reference should be made to the campus calendar and Campus Visitor’s Committee to ensure that there are not other major events planned for that day. The Campus Visitor’s Committee will determine if college marketing materials are necessary at the event.
    3. Space requirements should be communicated to appropriate parties as early in the process as possible to ensure space availability.
      1. Classroom space – Records Office, extension 4522
      2. Ellipse, Cultural Arts Center Cafeteria, Atrium – Administrative Services, extension 4481
      3. Theater – Director, extension 4589
      4. Fieldhouse – Director, extension 4452
      5. Student Union – Director, extension 4373
    1. Press releases, marketing materials, etc., must be coordinated through Campus Communications.
    2. A timeline should be developed for completion of tasks and events.
    1. Once event is agreed upon, prepare and submit a budget to the Chair. Obtain quotes according to the RCC Purchasing Guidelines.
    2. Identify and book space requirements. Space should be booked for one-half day before the event for larger/more complicated set ups
    3. Contact RCC employees you would like to have speak or attend your event, i.e., President or Vice President’s Welcome
    4. Identify refreshments if needed
    5. Request Student Ambassadors
    6. Identify, create, and post room signage to assist participants in identifying room locations
    7. Request AV Services by using form on the AV Services website
    8. Submit work orders at least two weeks in advance using the Work Request for on the Plant Facilities website
    9. Work with Campus Communications to create a press release and marketing materials
    10. Complete work orders for set up at least two weeks in advance
    11. If needed, identify other employees, groups, organizations who can assist with your event
    12. A To-Do list is helpful so each team member knows their assignments and deadlines
    1. One week prior to the event, confirm all event details - presenters, vendors, volunteers, refreshments, space, etc.
    2. If possible, set up should occur the day before the event
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