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Rockland Community College

SUNY Rockland Community College

Faculty Senate

November 14, 2001

Members Present: P. Arvanites, D. Balestra, D. Barbario, B. Baker, L. Bay, M. Bierman, B. Brown, Str. Buckley, T. Butler, K. Carroll, H. Chun, S. Commanday, B. Cunin, B. Delfini, I. Deutsch, S. Eitches, W. Frank, P. From, S. Golz, S. Hano, E. Harvey, G. Krasilovsky, N. Kreitzer, P. Lazar, M. Leifer, M. Liberace, L. Li, R. Ludwig, W. McGregor, R. Merrigan, R. Mossip, I. Newman, S. Safaie, N. Salana, L. Schrank, S. Solomon, E. Spergel, J. Thelen, D. Williams, M. Wirtz,

Members Excused: D. Iannucci, T. Judd, M. Lecker, T. Kaye Needle, T. Drake, D. Tietze, M. Wulfson

Members Absent:

Guests: E. Padilla

Materials Distributed: (attached to official minutes)
Report on ad-hoc Committee meeting with SUNY representatives
Deloite and Touche audit report
second audit report
FCCC Report

  1. Meeting Called to Order at 2:50 PM
  2. Approval of minutes.



    Motion: Neal Kreitzer / I. Deutsch to accept the minutes as read (unanimous).

  4. Report of the College Vice-President of Academic Affairs

  5. H. Chun reported
    1. The Closing Ceremony of the Avon Breast Cancer 3-Day from Manhattan walk was relocated to the Campus on a very short notice. Dan Keeley quickly made all the arrangements for this group. The 3-day 60-mile walk netted over $6 Million. Marc Glass, the Ceremonies Producer, sent a letter to the college acknowledging Dan Keeley, Bill Murphy and their staff, who worked hard to make his job easier.
    2. College Night was held on Tuesday, October 23 in the Fieldhouse. There were 262 colleges represented from 22 states and approximately 4000 attendees and 13 high schools from Rockland County.
    3. The Hudson Vagabond Puppets brought two performances of 'Ferdinand the Bull" to the Cultural Arts Theater on October 21. A special thanks to Bob Kowles and his staff.
    4. Crimes of the Heart by Beth Henley and performed by our Performing Art Students opens tomorrow in the theater directed by Patricia Maloney-Titland, Coordinator of the Performing Arts Department & Campus Players. Performances are November 15, 16, 17 at 8:00 pm and November 18 at 2:00 pm.
    5. Today members of the college community shared its annual Thanksgiving meal with our international students. Our Hospitality students prepared the meal and a host of volunteers from the college served the food. A special thanks to Celia Greenberg, Susan Solomon, Frank Fee, all the Hospitality students and volunteers. It was a great event.
    6. A new monthly Sports Update is being published by Athletics.
    7. Registered SUNY Rockland students now have access to free e-mail. It improves - students' chances of interacting with the faculty and each other. The service is funded through the college's operating budget and the county-issued capital bond.
    8. The ATM machine in the Cultural Arts Center is now open for business. Students worked very hard to make this happen at the college.
    9. Dr. Cornell West, recently promoted to University Professor, a title held by only 14 of Harvard's 2,200 faculty members, gave a lecture titled "Race Matters" to a capacity crowd on November 1, 2001 in the theater. Following the lecture, Dr. Cornell West met with a business honor's class for a question and answer session with students. The intellectual capacity of SUNY Rockland students was demonstrated by their thought provoking questions posed to Dr. West. A special thanks to Debbie Balestra and her staff for arranging this exciting event.
    10. Philip Otieno, an MgD graduate, was chosen as the first SUNY Rockland student ever elected to the executive board of NYASA, the New York African Student Association. He has published two papers and presented them at academic conferences.
    11. Recent SUNY Rockland graduate Mark Stein's company,, won the CNBC hot website of the day award. His page hits jumped from several hundred per day to over 376,000 per day in August.
    12. Eastern Division Southern Catskill Section National Ski Patrol held its Outdoor Emergency Refresher Course at the college on October 13, 2001. The use of our equipment at the Spring Valley Extension Center permitted them to serve I IO patrollers. They acknowledged Mary Wirtz, EMT/Paramedic faculty member for making the arrangements and also our security staff.
    13. Daimler Chrysler Corporation reviewed the Chrysler Apprenticeship Program (CAP) housedinourAutomotiveTechnologyProgramonOctober3O, 2001. This program is dependent upon the donation of equipment/software from the Daimler Chrysler Corporation.
    14. Early Childhood/School Age Conference sponsored by Child Care Resources of Rockland (CCRR) and The Early Childhood Program At SUNY ROCKLAND was held at SLTNY ROCKLAND on Saturday, November 3, 2001. This year they set a record with over 600 attendees. Deborah Tietze and her staff worked with CCRR to develop and execute this conference with a theme of Early Years are Learning Years-.
    15. The Division of Continuing and Professional Education just completed a very successful Kids College Weekend Program on November 11 with 30 registrants.
    16. The third annual Regional Portfolio Day sponsored by SUNY Rockland and The Rockland Art Educators Association was held at SUNY Rockland on Thursday, November 8, 2001 for high school and college art students from the region. Twenty- five colleges were represented from 11 states with 185 students in attendance. A special thanks to Lena Hyun, Emily Harvey and the Art Faculty for this very successful event.
    17. Pinhole Photography by Leslie Davis-an Exhibition from November 3-November 30, 2001 at the New City Library. Leslie Davis is a former SUNY Rockland student.
    18. The Social Sciences Department & the International Education Advisory Committee presented, "A Community Conversation: The Nation Challenged in the U.S., Terrorism, War and Understanding" on November 15, 2001. Participants were SUNY Rockland students, Avani Shah and Daniel Park and faculty members Dr. David Beisel, Dr. Martin Lecker and Professor Sylvia Miranda.
    19. The college was featured in front-page Journal News articles with photos several times this month. One was about our adult student population, one about Career Day and the third about international students obtaining visas. In addition, Emily Harvey, Coordinator of the Art Department, was interviewed on WRCR radio station about Portfolio Day.
    20. Mathematics/Health / Sciences Division received a NSF Grant with SUNY Purchase called the Pipeline Grant. It is designed for under-represented students (African American, Hipanic American, Native American, Pacific Islanders and females) majoring in mathematics and computer sciences. These students will receive full SUNY Rockland tuition as well as tuition at SUNY Purchase when they transfer. This is the third grant the division has received for under represented groups, the other two being NIH Bridges to the Baccalaureate with SUNY Binghamton & SUNY Purchase. Bill Baker, Chair of this division, was the liaison with these three institutions in pursuing these grants.
    21. New academic programs that are being developed or considered: Certificate Program for Billing/Coding, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Degree and Certificate, Fitness Specialist Certificate, Web Development Certificate, reactivate AOS in ELT, Certificate in Computer Graphics, Deaf Studies Degree, possible development of a Degree for Speech and Language Pathology Assistants, Certificate in Professional Writing, possible development of a pre-law curriculum.
  6. Old Business
    1. I. Newman reported on the Ad-Hoc Committee meeting with SUNY Vice-Chancellor Bob Brown.

    2. The Committee has met 4 times and formulated questions for the Board of Trustees.
      Cliff Garner has approached Board President C. Wasserman and hopes to have a meeting tomorrow.
      A follow-up report is currently being prepared by the College for Middle States on Finance and Board / College relations to address the Middle States concerns with micro-management and our finances.
  7. New Business
    1. .Resolution:. D. Merrigan / Peter Arvanites Approved Unanimously.



      We, the Faculty Senate of SUNY Rockland, wish to register our support for the continued well-being of the College both financially and academically.


      We note with concern the lack of presidential leadership at this College.

      Since the College once again faces the selection and appointment of a new president, we recommend that the Board of Trustees consider a temporary promotion from within to at least minimize the upheaval caused by another change of administration. We strongly recommend that Dr. Helen Chun receive the title of Acting President to recognize the work she is presently performing. We recommend that the Board of Trustees consider temporary promotions from within to fill all other senior administrative positions. Concurrently, we urge that the Board of Trustees immediately search for a permanent president.


      We note with special concern the lack of permanent full-time financial leadership at this College. The College has received several problematic audit reports. Our temporary part-time Vice President of Finance and Administration has helped us restructure some of the problem areas noted in the audit reports. Although we consider the College fortunate to have the services of Mort Meyers, we urge the Board to focus on its responsibility for the long-term financial stability and well-being of the College, by immediately instituting the necessary searches to allow the College to hire well-qualified, full-time financial professionals to support his endeavors.

      We pledge ourselves to be of whatever service we can to help the members of the SUNY Rockland Board of Trustees achieve this goal for the sake of our students and our community.

    3. E. Padilla announced that Commencement will be on Wednesday May 29. She requested faculty participation in the Commencement Committee.

    4. G. Krasilovsky volunteered to join the Committee.
    5. Advisement

    6. Karen Gaultieri is discussing changes to improve Advisement / Registration.
      Records is closing at 1 PM on Fridays for staff development discussions.
      Registration will still be in the field house due to equipment issues.
      Dec 3 Spring Semester registration starts for students with 30 credits or more
      Dec 7 new registration starts for other students.
      Registration in Brucker Hall is open Monday Wednesday and Thursday 8 AM - 7PM. Tuesday 8AM - 5 PM and Friday 8 AM - 1 PM.
      Dec 13 Registration for new students by appointment
      Jan 23 is the start of open/late registration.
      Web Advisor will be started on a trial basis for registration this Spring This will provide initially for information, and eventually for registration via the web..
    7. E. Spergel announced a Faculty Development Workshop on outcomes assessment would be presented in January.

    8. Reported that the task force on General Education Outcomes Assessment was meeting.
    9. M. Liberace announced that 29 people attended the advisement updates, and announced the three "Summits" will be held 4-7 Wednesday, Thursday and 1-4 Friday.
  8. Adjournment

  9. The meeting was adjourned at 4:45 PM
Respectfully submitted,

Richard Mossip

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