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Rockland Community College

SUNY Rockland Community College

Faculty Senate

May 14, 2003

Members Present:     P. Arvanites, D. Barbario, L. Bay, M. Bierman, Str. Buckley, S. Commanday, I. Deutsch, T. Drake, S. Eitches, W. Frank, S. Golz, S. Hano, G. Krasilovsky, M. Lecker, M. Leifer, J.  Liberant, M.  Liberace, L. Li, R. Ludwig, W. McGregor, R. Mossip, T. Kaye Needle, I. Newman, E.  Padilla, S. Safaie, S. Solomon, E. Spergel, D. Williams, M. Wulfson

Members Excused:    B. Baker, D. Balestra, K. Carroll, B. Cunin, P. From,  N. Kreitzer, D. Merrigan, N. Salana, M. Wirtz.

Members Absent:       T. Butler, B. Delfini, D. Generals, E. Harvey, D. Iannucci, P. Lazar, L. Schrank, J. Thelen, D. Tietze, T. Voss,

1.     Meeting Called to Order at  3:10 PM

2.     Approval of minutes.
  W McGregor / P. Arvanites to accept the minutes as read
(3 abstentions)

3.     Report of the Faculty Senate President
S. Commanday: Reported that the rule for graduation has been rescinded for this graduation only; however, it needs Board approval before Records and the Bookstore can act.

4.     Old Business
None was pending

5.     New Business

5.1. RTP Committee report. They have requested input from the College and division RTP committees as well as the Vice Presidents.
This will be sent out by email and paper copies of the proposed changes will be made available in the Belle Zeck room of the Library. R. Mossip will send an email to all Senators prior to the retreat.

5.2. Graduation.  There was extended discussion on possible actions to take at Commencement.  Members generally felt that Commencement is the students’ celebration, and that faculty should support them in whatever action they took.
It was pointed out that families come from afar, and that it is essential to preserve the student’s experience.

5.2.1.     Motion: T. Drake / W. McGregor that The Faculty Senate officers again Serve as flagbearers at Commencement.
Defeated. (14 opposed  0 in favor, 4 Abstentions.)

5.2.2.     Motion: that the Student Senate Executive Committee act as flag bearers instead of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee.  Unanimous..

6.     Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at 4.30 PM

Respectfully submitted, Richard Mossip Approved May 28, 2003

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