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Rockland Community College

SUNY Rockland Community College

Faculty Senate

May 28, 2003 Special Election meeting

Members Present:          P. Arvanites, J. Asimakopoulos, L. Bay, M. Bierman, K. Carroll, S. Commanday, I. Deutsch, S. Eitches, W. Frank, S. Golz, S. Hano, G. Krasilovsky, N. Kreitzer, M. Lecker, M. Leifer, J.  Liberant, M.  Liberace, L. Li, J. Linhart, R. Ludwig, R. Mossip, T. Kaye Needle, E.  Padilla, S. Safaie, L. Schrank, E. Silverstein, S. Solomon, E. Spergel

Members Excused:         D. Balestra, B. Baker, J. Burnett,, T. Drake, E. Harvey, N. Salama, Xi. Shi, M. Wirtz.

Members Absent:            B. Delfini, D. Generals, J. Harris, R. Jansen,, P. Lazar, W. McGregor, R. Meyer, I. Newman, O. Oak,

1.     Election
An election was conducted by paper ballot with the following results:

      R. Mossip
      M. Leifer

Executive Committee:
      P. Arvanites
      T. Kaye Needle
      M. Lecker
      S. Safai
      L. Schrank
      E. Spergel

Representatives to the Ad Hoc Committee
      R. Mossip
      F. Fee
      M. Liberace

Respectfully submitted:

M. Leifer

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